2005-2009 Exhaust FAQ Videos

Thinking about updating your exhaust system? If you own a 05-10 Mustang and are ready to make a significant improvement in sound and performance, you'll definitely want to check out this selection of FAQ videos. Whether you're a GT owner looking for the right axleback set-up or a V6 guy looking to switch up a dual conversion kit, these videos will help tackle the big questions you might have when it comes to the many aspects of aftermarket mustang exhaust. Browse Mustang Exhaust »

Part One

Part 1: What Axle-Back Should I Get?

Looking to make a dramatic improvement to the sound and performance of your 05-10 Ford Mustang? Not sure where to begin? Hear sound clips of some of the best axleback exhaust kits on the market, find out what to look for in an axleback kit, and see why this is one of the easiest and most popular modifications to make to your ride.

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Part Two

Part 2: What's a V6 Dual Exhaust Conversion & What Kind of Kit Do I Need?

If you want to inject loud, aggressive performance into your V6, swap out your factory exhaust and replace it with a dual pipe conversion kit. In this video, we'll show you the differences between the Dual Exhaust Catback and the True Dual Exhaust Conversion Kit, and give you an inside look at the cool style, raw sound, and outstanding performance that these kits can deliver to your V6.

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Part Three

Part 3: Which Headers Should I Get?

We'll give you the inside scoop on what to look for from an aftermarket header, and explain the differences between header types (longtube, shorty, and tuned-length) and the three most popular finishes (natural, ceramic-coated, and chrome).

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Part Four

Part 4: What Mid-Pipe Should I Get?

If you're ready to maximize your exhaust flow for major performance gains, chances are an aftermarket exhaust mid-pipe is what you need. We'll show you why you want to swap your factory H-pipe with the more powerful, more efficient flow of an X-pipe - and what midpipes will give you the best results.

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