4 Lug 1995 Cobra R Wheel Pictures

The most well known special edition Mustang rim for the current Mustangs dates back to one of the rarest factory production SVT Mustangs ever produced. Created in 1995, Ford's Special Vehicle Team created the 1995 Cobra R: a 5.8L V-8 SN-95 Mustang with a 351 Cubic Inch engine putting down 300hp and 365ft/lb of Torque. Designed to be the flagship, street legal racecar from Ford, the Cobra R came with its own wheel that would make it unique from all of the other Mustangs on the road. Only 250 of these cars were ever produced, and many of them were road raced. One of these '95 R's was owned, built, and raced by none other than the aftermarket Mustang company, Steeda.

The 1995 Cobra R rim is a very unique wheel that has five spokes that arch outwards from the outside edge of the rim and then back inside to the center of the rim; coming together where a special Cobra R center cap resided. 1995 Cobra R owners had a choice of 2 finishes for their wheels, Chrome and a painted Silver finish.

The '95 R is a unique wheel for aftermarket companies because it can be made in both four and five lug configurations, as well as in custom sizes ranging from the original 17x9" rim and an 18x9" rim for the most sinister look. The rim can be found in both chrome and silver for the four lug Mustangs.