1995 Opal Frost Mustang GT - Earvin S. Larry Jr. '95

Owner Location Year, Color, Model
Earvin S Larry, Jr. N/A 1995 Opal Frost Mustang GT

Wheel and Tire Packages
Front Rims: 17" Stock Cobra Replicas
Front Tires: 255/50-17 Kumhos
Rear Rims: 17" Stock Cobra Replicas
Rear Tires: 275/45-17 Nittos
Aftermarket Performance Mods
Aftermarket Upgrades and Modifications
Car Audio Sound System
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Car Bio

I was driving down the road, taking care of a honey-to-do list, when I saw a Opal Frost SN95. It looked pretty stock and in good shape, so I took down the number, hoping that maybe the wife would let me get this car. After I finished my list, I called her up to tell her about deal that I found. She stopped me halfway through and told me, yes I could get the car, but I would have to sell my 87 Mustang GT first. But I had to have this SN95, so I told her I would do it. After making a few calls around town, I had my 87 GT sold. That following morning, I called the number, bright and early, and within about 30 minutes, the car was mine. Once I got home, I started looking online for some upgrades because there was no way I could drive this car stock for to much longer. That night, I ordered a BBK CAI, a set of Eibach springs add some 8mm wires, and then I called my local Mustang shop to see how much they would charge me for a set of 4.10 gears. That weekend, I took my car in for the install and they talked me into putting it on the dyno to see what it put down. I knew it wouldn't give me anything to write home about, because it was stock and felt about 10 times slower then my previous 5-speed 87 Mustang. With this being an aode, I guessed it would put down 170 HP or So. Well, after the run was complete, I was in shock to see that it had only put down 130 HP. I was sick; I knew it felt slow but 130 HP was worse then 3.8 numbers. At that time, we knew something was wrong with the car, so we started brainstorming. First, we thought that four catalytic converters than come stock could have been clogged up, so we replaced them with a Bassani off-road x-pipe. And while we were under the car, we took a look at the fuel filter and it didn't look too great, so that got replaced as well. Still, the car did not run like it should. We went back to the drawing boards for a while, when one of the tuners had this great idea: test my mass air flow sensor. And sure enough, that was the problem. He sprayed some cleaner on there and it was like I was in a different car. Since then, it has been getting better and better with a nice list of Mods.