2004 Silver Metallic Mustang GT - Husic '04

Owner Location Year, Color, Model
Husic N/A 2004 Silver Metalic Mustang GT

Wheel and Tire Packages
Front Rims: 17x9 Black FR500s
Front Tires: N/A
Rear Rims: 17x10.5 Black FR500s
Rear Tires: 315/35/17 Nittos
Aftermarket Performance Mods
Aftermarket Upgrades and Modifications
Car Audio Sound System
  • N/A

Car Bio

What can I say? I bleed blue. I arrived here from Europe and first Mustang I saw was a 2002 Silver GT with a set of Magnapack mufflers on it and I fell in love with the car. That's how I got into the Mustang world. I love Mustangs and there's no other muscle car I would drive. This is my second Mustang. My first was a 2002 Silver V6 and it was quiet modified, but it didn't have that rumble of the V8 engine, nor the torque. Every Mustang enthusiast loves that roar that everyone can hear as you are rolling up, 3 blocks away. My V6 was wrecked in May of 2007 and I kept it around. The car was in a shop for 3 weeks and I was so bummed out that I couldn't drive it, I had to call a friend to just drive me around in his Cobra to get the feel back, haha. I then traded it in for a GT and I knew exactly what to do with my 2004 Silver Mustang GT. It was stock to the bone when I bought it and I've had the car since February of 2008. All the mods listed above were put on between February and September. I just freaking enjoy this thing.

Thanks to AM and UPR. This car is up and running the way I want it to. If it wasn't for you guys as an aftermarket company, I would have no idea how and what to mod it with. I'm sure I'm forgetting few more mods, but that's about that. Check out my ride and thank you.