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2005-2009 Quarter Window Styling Options

Written By: Andrew Cilio

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Louvers can bring a retro look to your modern muscle car. Have he best of both worlds while giving the exterior of your S197 Mustang a personal touch with quarter window styling mods from AmericanMuscle.

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There comes a time for every Mustang enthusiast when they realize the lack of functionality in their quarter windows and begin thinking about how to turn them into something useful. Thankfully, there are many stylish options available for turning your Mustang's quarter window glass into an eye-catching upgrade.

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Dressing Up Your Mustang

Once you’ve decided the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quarter window glass just won’t cut it anymore you’re still left with one puzzling question – what options do you have to modify them? Well, there are a few different directions you can take that will give your Mustang the stylish expression you’re looking for. We will be discussing options for decking out you quarter windows below.

By far the most popular modification for your Mustang’s quarter windows is installing a set of C pillar scoops, or more commonly referred to as louvers. Quarter window louvers can serve as that final element of aggressiveness or be a subtle complement to the sharp body lines of your Mustang. Either way, scoops are sure to have your Stang standing out from the crowd. Great looking and super easy to install, the toughest aspect relating to quarter window louvers is deciding what style to choose.

Color Matching Mustang Quarter Window Louver
Quarter Window Louver

Pop-out Quarter Window Kits for Mustangs

For those that always go the extra mile to mod out their Mustangs, a pop-out window kit will afford you a unique look while giving your quarter windows style and functionality. Catch a breeze and open the back windows up at the push of a button. While maintaining a stock appearance, pop-out window kits give you yet another option to stand out from the pack. These kits come as all-inclusive units, providing switches, wiring, and everything else you need to be on your way to staying cool on those hot summer days.

Pop Out Quarter Window Louver Kit for Mustangs
Pop-Out Quarter Window Kit

Mustang Quarter Window Blackout and Sticker Decals

Blackout decals can serve two different purposes:

  • They hide window louvers from view when inside the car 
  • To style the car and prevent people from peering into your Mustang

Whatever your reason for covering up your quarter windows, both stickers and decals are easy to install and add flash to any Mustang. Stickers and blackout decals are the cheapest way to utilize your quarter windows. They're a must-have if you are installing window louvers and do not want to be left staring at them from inside the car.

Black Out Decal for Mustang Quarter Window
Blackout Decal

Interior Window Covers

Whether you are planning on installing quarter window louvers or are only looking for a way to tint your windows, interior window covers will fulfill your needs. Like blackout decals, interior window covers block out the rear quarter windows of your Mustang. These covers come in different styles, allowing you to match your interior or add an accent color, such a brushed aluminum. Both blackout decals and interior window covers are inexpensive mods that can add a lot of aesthetic value to any Mustang.​

Flush Style Mustang Quarter Window Louver
SHR Flush Louver

Wait! Do they make quarter window upgrades for my model Mustang?   

Yes. Going all the way back to the first year of the Ponycar’s production, every model Mustang has had aftermarket quarter window accessories available such as louvers and blackout decals. AmericanMuscle carries many variations of quarter window mods and you’re sure to find the right combination for your Mustang, giving your exterior some style

Eleanor Style Quarter Window Louver for Mustangs
Eleanor Style Louver by MMD

Additional Louver Options

You can find the proper louvers for your Mustang here at AmericanMuscle, in addition to many other exterior mods, many of which are offered pre-painted in your car’s color.

Quarter Window Louver Installation

Installations for most louver applications are simple and do not require any tools. The scoops are attached using double-sided, 3M adhesive automotive tape and to make your life even easier, AmericanMuscle offers pre-painted parts for all 1999 and up Mustangs in most OEM colors.

Classic Style Mustang Quarter Window Louver
Classic Style Quarter Window Louver
Fitment includes: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, GT, V6, ShelbyGT500, Bullitt