2005 Dark Redfire Mustang V6 - Keith "Hound Dog" '05

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Keith "Hound Dog" N/A 2005 Dark Redfire Mustang V6

Wheel and Tire Packages
Front Rims: 17" Stock Rims
Front Tires: Uniroyal Touring Tires
Rear Rims: 17" Stock Rims
Rear Tires: Uniroyal Touring Tires
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Car Bio

"It's America's forever muscle car." That's Keith Rose's description of the Ford Mustang, but his approach is quite different than many Mustang owners. "Most people want the GT, with the 4.6-liter V-8. But for me, I found this V-6 and it fits right into what I want something unique, but still quick," Rose said.

The 19-year-old Centerville resident knew what he wanted, and he knew it would cost some bucks. "I work at AK Steel in Middletown and I work long hours, but I wanted this car, and I wanted to do some improvements, so I made up my mind to work hard for what I want. I call it the 'working man's Mustang.' "The 2005 Mustang is painted ultra lite Red fire metallic with a black interior and has a 4-liter normally aspirated V-6 producing more than 240 horsepower. The only engine modifications are a K&N induction system and a dual Flow master exhaust as well as a davis unified ignition.

The power gets to the pavement through a 5-speed manual transmission fitted with a Hurst Competition Plus short-throw shifter. Rose wasn't too keen on the original gearing, so he opted to install a 3.73 rear end and a 7.5-inch Ford Racing limited slip differential.

Apparently it's all working out, since Rose posts his 0-60 mph time at 5.4 seconds (pre ignition and 3.73 gearing). "I can actually hang with the GT through the first two gears, but by third, the GT is gone," he said. According to Ford Motor Co. figures, that's faster than the 5.5-second time rated for the GT with the V-8.

While keeping the car mostly stock in appearance, Rose has dressed up the engine bay with red plug wires and braided stainless-steel hoses. The only body modification is the air scoop on the hood, which is for looks only. Rose did all of the changes made to the car.

"I measured all the gaps on the doors and hood, and everything on this car is within 3 percent of tolerance, and the factory has a 6 percent factor, so this car is pretty near perfect off the assembly line," he said. "You don't have to have a thoroughbred to have a show horse."

"I think this car is highly underrated by people because of the V-6, but let me tell you, my insurance is cheaper, and it gets 28 mpg on the highway. "Everything about this car amazed me when I drove it. It sounds great, handles great, has plenty of power and it just looks timeless. It's the real 'made in America' muscle car."

Rose claims that the 240 horsepower 245, cubic inch engine seams a bit much, 2 different dyno chats, both confirm that indeed his "RWHP" or real wheel horse power, is in deed 240 HP, or 239.8 and 240.4 to be exact. Also pre ignition.

Since Keith purchased this car used, he stated that he can not be sure of what has been done to the interior of the engine if any, but is glad it runs like it does!