Aluminum One Piece Driveshaft (11-14 GT, BOSS)

Aluminum One Piece Driveshaft (11-14 GT, BOSS)
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Hi Iím Justin with, and Iím going to be giving a basic breakdown of this all aluminum one piece driveshaft fitting all 2011 and newer Mustang GTs. The two most important benefits of using a one piece all aluminum driveshaft is that itís going to be lighter and stronger versus your stock unit. A lot of aftermarket driveshafts are made using some kind of high quality aluminum such as this unit. There are chromoly and carbon fiber options available out there as well, but typically theyíre more expensive. That lighter weight is beneficial for a couple of different reasons. First, by shedding weight off your rotating assembly, youíre not only going to lighten the load on your drivetrain, but your car should feel more responsive overall, and you might even see some lower 60 foot times at the track. Iím curious to see what the actual weight difference is when using the aluminum driveshaft versus our stock one, so I grabbed a scale from the warehouse just to take a look for myself. Do the stock one firstÖpretty sure thatís on there, itís not touching the table, and weíre looking at 39 lbs, just about even here. Right, up next our aluminum one, I can tell instantly this thing is way lighter. Right Iím not touching itÖ20 lbs, so just about 19 lbs difference weíre looking at between the stock versus the aluminum driveshaft. Thatís quite a difference when you factor in its rotational mass as well. If I can get a little nerdy here for a minute, conventional wisdom tells us that 1lbs of rotational mass, is equal to about 4lbs of unsprung mass or dead weight. So in this case, that would amount to ditching about 80lbs off our car, which isnít too bad. Not only is the aftermarket driveshaft much lighter as we just witnessed with our scale, but that one piece design is going to be much stronger versus our stock two piece unit. Obviously you can see how much bigger the driveshaft is versus the stock unit, but as you can see with the stock unit, every time you have another joint in the middle here, which we do, youíre essentially adding another weak spot, which can be prone to failure. That one piece tubular design we have with our aftermarket unit, can be pretty much bulletproof especially when you factor in the new pinion flange, and those beefed up 13-30 U-joints. Based on our experience using this driveshaft on project blackout, we never experienced any excess noise or vibration at all, and based on our positive reviews on the site here, seems like our customers arenít experiencing any problems either. Another small but still very part is the fact that this driveshaft doesnít require any additional adaptors unlike some other aftermarket driveshafts, which can sometimes be the cause for noise and vibration. This is an intermediate install here, meaning itís not the toughest thing in the world, but if youíre a first time or novice wrencher, then you might want to have a buddy on hand before you go bolting everything up. Either way, getting the stock driveshaft out of the way and installing the new aluminum driveshaft should only take you about 2 hours. So if youíre looking to ditch your factory two piece driveshaft in favor of a much stronger and lighter aluminum unit, then youíll want to check out this one piece aluminum driveshaft available right here at
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Product Features

  • 20lbs lighter than stock
  • Quicker acceleration
  • More responsive engine
  • Seamless 1-piece aluminum tubing
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes new pinion flange
  • Fits 2011-2014 Manual and Automatic GT and BOSS Mustangs
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Faster Quarters. Shed up to 20 pounds of rotating mass and shave up to 0.2 seconds off your quarter mile time with this lightweight aluminum driveshaft.

Made in the USA. Unlike other aftermarket driveshafts, every part of this driveshaft is made in the USA to ensure the highest level of performance.

Superior Quality. Unlike other designs which use an adapter - causing vibration and even failure - this driveshaft features a completely new pinion flange for superior durability and performance. It features 1330 series U-joints and is a solid, 1 piece design made with 4" Alcoa certified 6061 aluminum tubing.

Precision Crafted. When selecting a driveshaft for your 2011-2014 Mustang GT or BOSS, you want one that has been made to the highest standards for peace of mind. This aluminum driveshaft has been balanced using Schenck military grade equipment to guarantee vibration-free performance.

Application. This driveshaft has been designed for 2011-2014 GT and BOSS Mustangs with either the 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. Will not fit GT500.

Installation Time:

(approx) 2 Hours

Difficulty Level:

Advanced mechanical skills required.

What's in the box?

  • (1) Driveshaft
  • (1) Pinion flange
  • (4) Bolts

What's in the box?

  • (1) Driveshaft
  • (1) Pinion flange
  • (4) Bolts
  • GT 11, 12, 13, 14
  • Boss 12, 13

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