2015 Mustang in Need For Speed

Need For Speed Tickets Giveaway! What parts do you want AmericanMuscle to build for the 2015 Mustang? VOTE and win tickets to the new Need For Speed Movie! 1. Vote by commenting with the part of your choice (ex: #AMRWheels) 2. Include where you found out about the contest (ex: #MustangForums) 3. First 100 people receive Free tix to NFS Movie!

#AMRWheels AMRs are one of the most popular wheel styles for the S197 Mustang. How do you think they would fare on a 2015?


#SmokedLenses You would be hard pressed to find a Mustang on the road that would not benefit from a set of smoked lenses. With the sharp color options of the 2015 Mustang, is there still room for the aggressive look of smoked headlights?


#BilletGrille One of the more radical changes to the 2015 Mustang is the front upper grille. With so much space to cover, is a billet blackout grille the right face for the S550?


#LEDLights Daytime running lights are a popular addition to any car and the Mustand is no exception. With the stock lighting options, are a set of LED running lights right for the newest generation of Mustang?

The 2015 Mustang in "Need For Speed"

One of Ford's biggest wins in promoting the 2015 Mustang was incorporating the car into the movie Need For Speed. This gave America and the rest of the movie-watching world their first glymps at the 6th generation Ford Mustang, and in the perfect setting none-the-less. A notoriously fast and flashy car in a race-focused setting--what else could you ask for? How about having Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul starring in the film and a "drive into the sunset"scene focusing on the 2015 Mustang? Just watching the trailers should give you a good idea on the prominent role the Mustang played in Need For Speed.

NFS Ticket Giveaway Results

Thank you to all those who participated in the Need For Speed ticket giveaway! We got some awesome feedback on which 2015 Mustang parts YOU want to see AmericanMuscle build for the 2015 Mustang. Looks like AMR Wheels were the clear favorite. Be sure to check back with AmericanMuscle as we will be providing you with all the must-have parts for your 2015 Mustang.