BBK Cold Air Intake (2005-2009 GT) - Installation Instructions

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Tools Required

  • Ratchet
  • 6 inch ratchet extension
  • 8mm socket
  • 10mm socket
  • T-20 Star (Torx) screwdriver or socket
  • Flat tip screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Fender cover (optional but recommended)
Installation Time: 60 Mins


Factory Intake

Removal of the Factory Air Filter and Intake Hose

  1. Disconnect the (-) negative terminal from the battery.
  2. Unplug the mass air meter from the factory air filter box assembly by sliding the red colored locking clip back and then squeezing the tab on the connector while pulling it from the mass air meter. Separate the PCV tube from the side of the factory inlet hose by twisting the green locking clip while pulling it away from the inlet hose.

    Removing MAF

  3. Using a flat tip screwdriver loosen the hose clamp that holds the inlet hose to the throttle body.

  4. Use the 10mm socket to remove the bolt that holds the air filter box to the driver side fender well.

    Remove Air Filter Box

  5. Remove the factory intake hose and air filter box assembly from the vehicle by lifting the air box straight up and pulling the inlet hose away from the throttle body.

  6. Use needle nose pliers or a flat tip screwdriver to lift the center of the quick fasteners holding the radiator cover in place. Once the center is lifted out, lift the outer portion out removing the fastener from the radiator cover. Once all fasteners have been removed take off the cover and set it aside.
    NOTE:There are six (6) quick fasteners, three (3) on each side

    Remove Fasteners

  7. Use the 10mm socket to remove both bolts securing the driver’s side radiator hold down plate, lift it off the radiator top post and set it aside.

    Remove Rad. Hold Down Plate

Installation of the BBK Cold Air Intake
  1. Place the blue coupler hose over the throttle body opening and secure it with one of the large hose clamps supplied with the kit.
  2. Use the T-20 Star (Torx) bit to remove the 2 Star (Torx) screws from the mass air meter and slide the meter out of the factory inlet hose, and then install it into the BBK inlet pipe.

    Torx Screws

  3. Slip the inlet pipe all the way through the shield. Place the small hose clamp on the air filter and place the air filter over the end of the inlet pipe pushing the rubber through the shield so that it sticks out the other end. This will create a more snug fit and help reduce and movement. Secure the filter to the inlet pipe by tightening the hose clamp.

    Filter on Inlet Pipe

  4. Place the remaining hose clamp on the blue coupler hose attached to the throttle body and then place the entire inlet pipe assembly (shield included) into the vehicle. Position the round hole on the front of the shield over the top post of the radiator and slip the inlet pipe into the blue coupler hose on the throttle body. Tighten the hose clamp over the blue coupler hose securing the inlet pipe to the throttle body.
  5. Place the factory air filter box mounting bolt removed in step four (4) through the hole on the bottom of the shield and tighten it to the driver’s side fender well using the same hole and speed clip from the factory air filter box.
  6. Re-install the radiator hold down plate removed in step seven and securely tighten the bolts.
  7. Starting at the front of the shield (closest to the radiator), place the rubber seal over the top edges of the shield. When you get to the corner bend you will have to bend the strip. Continue placing the seal over the top edge until you reach the rear mounting tab. Make sure that you press down firmly on the strip to fully engage its built in clamp.
  8. Re-install the radiator cover making sure that you guide the front lip of it under the grill. Replace all six (6) quick fasteners removed in step six (6).
  9. Re-connect the PVC tube and mass air meter removed in step two (2).

    Finished CAI

  10. Re-connect the (-) negative terminal to the battery.

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Paul DeSanto 4.23.09