How to install a Corbeau Mustang Seat Belt Harness Bar on your 1979-1993 Mustang

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Tools Required

Installation Time: (approx) 2 Hours



Motorsports can be very dangerous. No warranty or representation is made as to this Harness Bars ability to protect the user from injury or death; the user assumes that risk.

Note: Pictures were taken in a 94-04 Mustang. The installation is the same for 79-93.


Please Note: You will need a #50 Torx bit for this installation

  1. Assemble the harness support rods as shown below using the provided swivel joints and nuts. Leave at least 1/4 of thread showing on each swivel joint to allow for adjustment during installation. At this time you will not fully tighten the nuts.
  2. corbeau-mustang-seat-belt-harness-bar-79-93-all

  3. Unsnap the upper stock plastic shoulder belt bolt cover and remove the Torx head bolt as shown. You will need to do this on both sides of the vehicle.
  4. corbeau-mustang-seat-belt-harness-bar-79-93-all

  5. Remove the stock retaining washer and bolt from the factory belt. Assemble the hardware as shown and install the harness bar into your vehicle. There might be slight tolerance variations from vehicle to vehicle. Because of this you may need to bend the ends slightly for proper fit. Refer to instruction number 6 for proper stock factory belt routing. At this time you will not fully tighten the nuts.
  6. corbeau-mustang-seat-belt-harness-bar-79-93-all

  7. Loosen and remove the lower Torx head bolt as shown. You will need to do this on both sides of the vehicle.
  8. corbeau-mustang-seat-belt-harness-bar-79-93-all corbeau-mustang-seat-belt-harness-bar-79-93-all

  9. Using the supplied bracket, support rod, and hardware. Assemble the bracket as shown. You will then reinstall the stock Torx head bolt into the stock mounting position.
  10. Please Note: Tighten the support rod nut and support rod mounting hardware before reinstallation.

    The finished lower bracket should look like this:


  11. Connect the support rods to the harness bar using the supplied bolts and washers. Adjust as necessary before tightening bolts and nuts. The final installation should look like this:
  12. corbeau-mustang-seat-belt-harness-bar-79-93-all corbeau-mustang-seat-belt-harness-bar-79-93-all

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