Eibach Pro-System-Plus (05-10 GT)

Eibach Pro-System-Plus (05-10 GT)
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Hey I’m Justin with AmericanMuscle.com, and this is my breakdown of Eibach’s Pro System Plus suspension kit, fitting all 2005-2010 Mustang GTs. If you’ve been modifying cars for any duration of time, then you’re probably familiar with the name Eibach. Eibach is without a doubt one of the biggest and trusted names in aftermarket suspension, outfitting everything from F1 and NASCAR, to the daily driven Mustang sitting in your driveway. The Pro system Plus is Eibach’s total package for a complete and better handling, more responsive car, with an improved stance to top it all off. As you can see this package does include a few different components, so let’s check them out. The Pro System Plus is built around Eibach’s Pro kit springs and pro damper shocks and struts. These impressive rate springs will lower the car a slightly conservative 1.3” up front, and 1.5” in the rear. Of course if you’re looking for a bigger drop then you might want to check out Eibach’s sport system plus, which is essentially the same kit I have here but offers a larger drop thanks to different springs. Of course any time you lower the car, you’re not only lowering your center of gravity, but you’re also improving that stance thanks to eliminating some of that wheel gap. These are not some generic off the shelf dampers here either. The Pro System dampers have been setup specifically to compliment the pro kit springs, basically what this means is these dampers have been valved or tuned to perform at their best with the stiffer spring rates whilst still maintaining an excellent ride quality. The second player in the pro system is the addition of Eibach’s anti roll sway bar kit, this kit consists of Eibach’s 3 way adjustable 35mm front bar, and a solid 22mm rear bar. If you didn’t already know, sway bars are without a doubt one of the biggest tools in reducing your cars body roll, and improving turning response, ultimately making your car more predictable when pushed to the limits, and even with something as simple as a high speed lane change. To tie everything together, Eibach has included some very nice quality hardware. We’re looking at high performance polyurethane bushings all around, including grease fittings for the bushings at the sway bar, which is going to keep the noise level down and ultimately prolong the life of the bushings themselves. Finally, Eibach has included some solid Billet M links, which is a huge improvement over the factory links. Since you are replacing a good part of your cars suspension, be ready to set aside a full day in the garage to tackle this install. And keep in mind whenever you tweak this much of your cars suspension, you may end up throwing your alignment out of whack, so you notice anything out of the ordinary on your test drive after the install, don’t hesitate to give your local alignment shop a call, just to get everything checked out. So that wraps up our break down of Eibach’s Pro System Plus for your GT, to recap the kit you can expect a huge change in the everyday handling and drivability of your car, thanks to all the different components used for this kit. Be sure to check it out right here at AmericanMuscle.com

About Eibach

Eibach Mustang Springs
Established in 1951, Eibach is today the world leader in performance suspension technology. Whether it's Formula 1, Touring Car or NASCAR—more championships have been won by vehicles equipped with Eibach Springs! This performance edge is engineered into every legendary Eibach Pro-Kit or Sportline spring kit they make—with the ride quality you expect. From performance springs, shocks and sway bars—to ride height adjustable coil-overs and wheel spacers—Eibach suspension components will help your car or truck perform at its best. It's no wonder that Eibach is the #1 Choice of Motorsport Champions and Automotive Enthusiasts worldwide!
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Product Features

  • Complete Handling Package
  • Improves Driving Performance
  • Eliminates body roll; lowers center of gravity
  • Aggressive stance
  • Pro-Kit Springs included
  • Estimated Drop: 1.3" Front, 1.5" Rear
  • Fits 2005-2010 GT Mustangs
Superior Handling. Lowering springs are fine to drop the ride height of your Mustang, but if you want your Mustang to handle like a true track car you need to upgrade your entire suspension. The Eibach Pro-System-Plus will improve turn-in response, increase cornering speed and reduces body roll - turning your Pony into a corner-carving machine.

Pro-System-Plus. The Eibach Pro-System-Plus is made up of Eibachs Pro-Kit Springs, Pro-Damper Shocks and Struts, and Anti-Roll-Kit Sway Bars to create the ultimate street performance suspension package for your Mustang - all while maintaining excellent ride quality.

Application. This Eibach Pro-System-Plus is specifically designed for use on the 2005 to 2010 GT and Bullitt Mustangs including coupe and convertible models. Does not fit Shelby GT500 or V6 models.

Kit Includes:
  • Front Struts
  • Rear Shocks
  • Pro-Kit Lowering Springs - Progressive rate
  • 35mm Tubular Front Sway Bar with bushings - 3 Way-adjustable
  • 22mm Solid Rear Sway Bar with bushings

Installation Time:

(approx) 6 Hours

Difficulty Level:

Mechanical expertise or professional installation required.

What's in the box?

  • (2) Front Struts
  • (2) Rear Shocks
  • (4) Pro-Kit Lowering Springs - Progressive rate
  • (1) 35mm Tubular Front Sway Bar with bushings - 3 Way-adjustable
  • (1) 22mm Solid Rear Sway Bar with bushings

What's in the box?

  • (2) Front Struts
  • (2) Rear Shocks
  • (4) Pro-Kit Lowering Springs - Progressive rate
  • (1) 35mm Tubular Front Sway Bar with bushings - 3 Way-adjustable
  • (1) 22mm Solid Rear Sway Bar with bushings
  • GT 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10
  • Bullitt 08, 09

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