SCT SF3 / XCal3 Power Flash Mustang Tuner Giveaway! is giving away an SCT SF3 / XCal3 Power Flash Mustang Tuner with Free Custom Tunes once a week, for the next four weeks! Winning is easy. Just fill in the information below for a chance to win.

The odds of winning haven't actually been calculated (it's just too much work and we'd rather be out driving our 'Stangs). We can tell you that you've got a better chance of taking home one of these sweet SCT flash tuners than any one of the following:
  • Winning the lottery
  • Getting struck by lightning
  • Becoming President
  • Finding out you are actually a Superhero
  • Finally getting your lucky shot with Britney Spears, (who after all this time, is still surprisingly hot).

This Contest Has Ended! Congratulations to the winners and thanks for entering.

The Winners:

Week 1: Jake Stahlecker, 2008 Mustang GT Coupe
Week 2: Nick Tompson, 2003 Mach 1
Week 3: James Carr, 2008 GT/CS Coupe
Week 4: Dean Casanova, 1998 V6 Coupe