How to Install Axle-Back Exhaust on Your 2005-2009 V6 Mustang

Tools Required

  • 15mm deep socket
  • 13mm deep socket
  • 13mm box wrench
Installation Time: 1 Hour


Please Note: This guide was completed using the Flowmaster Axle-back; however, the same basic process is used for any brand. Please note the number of hangers your axle-back has: some have 3 (like this guide shows) while some have 2.


Installation Instructions:

  1. Use a 15mm socket to loosen the nut on the clamp connection between the muffler and the over-axle pipe. You may want to have a support stand under the muffler during removal.
  2. flowmaster-american-thunder-axle-back-exhaust-05-09-v6

  3. There are (3) hangers that support the muffler. Each hanger has (2) bolts securing them to the frame.
  4. flowmaster-american-thunder-axle-back-exhaust-05-09-v6 flowmaster-american-thunder-axle-back-exhaust-05-09-v6

  5. Use a 13mm socket to remove the bolts that secure the muffler hangers to the frame.
  6. Use a 13mm wrench to remove the bolts above the muffler.
  7. flowmaster-american-thunder-axle-back-exhaust-05-09-v6

  8. Remove the muffler.
  9. Take the hanger mounts from stock muffler and put them on the new muffler.
  10. flowmaster-american-thunder-axle-back-exhaust-05-09-v6

  11. Place the ring clamp that came with the muffler (Part #MC250R) onto the inlet pipe of the muffler.
  12. Slide the muffler back onto the over-axle pipe and support muffler with a stand.
  13. Re-attach the muffler hangers with the 13mm bolts. You’ll need a 13mm box wrench to tighten the horizontal hanger bolt located over the top of the muffler.
  14. Tighten the ring clamp at the connection with a 15mm deep socket.
  15. flowmaster-american-thunder-axle-back-exhaust-05-09-v6

  16. Check to make sure everything is secure.
  17. Enjoy your new muffler!

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle customer Chris Halter 3.30.12