How to Install a Ford Racing GT500 Steering Wheel on Your 2005-2009 Mustang

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Tools Required

  • Small straight blade screwdriver
  • 8mm combination wrench
  • 8mm socket, ratchet & 4 extension (1/4 drive)
  • 24mm socket, ratchet & 4 extension (1/2 drive)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Work light
Installation Time: 1 Hour



Installation Instructions:

  1. Before attempting steering wheel removal, disconnect negative battery terminal using the 8mm combination wrench to prevent accidental activation of airbag.
  2. ford-racing-gt500-steering-wheel-05-09-all

  3. On each side of stock steering wheel behind arms remove the plastic plug caps with the small screwdriver.
  4. ford-racing-gt500-steering-wheel-05-09-all

  5. Remove the (2) 8mm bolts that are found under the plastic plug caps that hold the airbag in place.
  6. ford-racing-gt500-steering-wheel-05-09-all

  7. Remove wires from the airbag and place airbag in secure location to avoid damage. (Airbag to be used with new steering wheel)
  8. ford-racing-gt500-steering-wheel-05-09-all

  9. Unplug steering wheel wiring harness using the needle nose pliers.
  10. ford-racing-gt500-steering-wheel-05-09-all

  11. Use the 24mm socket and ratchet to remove steering wheel center bolt.
  12. ford-racing-gt500-steering-wheel-05-09-all

  13. Remove stock steering wheel being careful not to damage airbag wires. (No wheel puller required)
  14. ford-racing-gt500-steering-wheel-05-09-all ford-racing-gt500-steering-wheel-05-09-all

  15. Now install the new steering wheel and feed the two yellow coated wires through the hole in the base of steering wheel.
  16. ford-racing-gt500-steering-wheel-05-09-all

  17. Plug in and reinstall airbag assembly using the two 8mm bolts, then plug holes with plastic caps
  18. ford-racing-gt500-steering-wheel-05-09-all

  19. Reconnect battery and test horn and turn signals for correct operation.
  20. ford-racing-gt500-steering-wheel-05-09-all

  21. Enjoy the look and feel of your new GT 500 Steering Wheel!
  22. ford-racing-gt500-steering-wheel-05-09-all

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle customer Dennis Brown 4.24.12