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Ford Racing Jounce Bumper Kit (05-14 All)

20 Reviews
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  • Softer than stock to improve ride comfort
  • Original equipment on 2012-2014 Shelby GT500
  • Genuine Ford Racing part
  • Designed for use with Ford Racing Lowering Springs
  • Includes (2) front and (2) rear jounce stop bumpers
  • Fits all 2005-2014 Mustangs with Ford Racing springs installed
Shelby GT500 Original Equipment. These Ford Racing Jounce Stops are the same exact ones found as standard original equipment on the 2012-2014 Shelby GT500 Mustang. Improves Ride Comfort. These GT500 Jounce Bumper Stops may look like your stock ones, but the difference is that they are much softer/spongier than stock. So when the jounce bumpers compress, they release slower than stock to provide a less violent chassis reaction when the vehicle bounces off them. This improves stability and ride comfort when used in conjunction with FRPP lowering springs.

Kit Includes. This Ford Racing Jounce Bumper Kit contains two front jounce stop bumpers and two rear jounce stop bumpers.

Legendary Ford Racing Quality. When you're adding suspension parts to your Pony, you can't go wrong by installing parts from the folks that know it best. Ford Racing's legendary quality ensures a perfect fit and years of hassle-free use.

Application. This set of four Ford Racing Jounce Bumper Stops fits all 2005 to 2014 Mustangs with Ford Racing Lowering Springs installed, including the V6, GT, Bullitt, Boss and Shelby GT500 models. Technical Note: Compatible with the following Ford Racing spring kits; M5300K, M5300L, M5300N, M5300P.

Mustang Fitment: 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Details

What's in the Box
  • (2) Front Jounce Bumpers
  • (2) Rear Jounce Bumpers
Installation Info

Installation Time: (approx) 3 Hours

Difficulty Level:Mechanical expertise or professional installation required.

  • Boss 302 - 12, 13
  • V6 - 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
  • Bullitt - 08, 09
  • GT - 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
  • GT500 - 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

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Overall Rating 4.8/5 Write a Review

They are the same as the factory ones. No differents

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Top 100 Contributor

A Good Supporting Mod

They are a bit softer, which allow the axle to come down a bit more (when you are lowered it would make a bit of a difference, and would stop the harsh stop compared to the stock ones. Would recommend

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Q & A (2 Questions, 3 Answers) Ask a Question

Will the Jounce Stops work on a non-lowered Mustang? I want to know if these would work on a non-lowered 2007 Mustang V6 with stock springs? The description states to use with lowered springs, but will these cause a problem if installed?

GoHurdler1 Year: 2007 Model: V6

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Will These only work with Ford Racing Springs? I am trying to decide between the Ford Racing K springs and the SR Performance springs. I wouldn't even be considering the SR springs if they didn't spec out virtually identically to the K springs but at about $60.00 less (current sale price of $139.99). I am planning on going with just springs, an adjustable panhard bar, camber bolts, and possibly this Jounce Bumper Kit to soften the ride for now. Yes, the shocks and dampers and mounts will get swapped later. So will this bumper kit only work with Ford Racing Springs or can I use it with other springs?

EvilCoyote Year: 2011 Model: GT

Question Resolved
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  • Dear EC, These Jounce Bumpers are slightly shorter than your factory ones to accommodate the lowered ride height of your car. They only come into play if you "bottom out" your rear suspension (They mount on top of your rear axle near the spring perch). Because the ride height of the two springs are nearly identical, these should work with no problem. I have installed Eibach Pro Kit Springs on my '13 GT and had to install shorter Jounce Bumpers as well. You usually have to reuse the steel brackets that hold the bumper. Getting the stock ones out and the new ones in can be a little tricky, but a little WD40 goes along way! Hope It Helps!

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    Best Answer

    GottaHaveItBob Year: 2013 Model: GT

    Top 250 Contributor

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Reviews (20) Write a Review

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18 Customers Recommend this Product

Installation Time:Afternoon

Installation Cost:$100-$250

  • Handling Improvement: 4.263158 4.3/5
  • Fit: 4.9 4.9/5
  • Bang For Your Buck: 4.736842 4.7/5
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  • 5/5


    November 08, 2012

    They are the same as the factory ones. No differents


    Year: 2008 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 5+ Boosier City

    Helpful (4) (0)

    • Response from AmericanMuscle

      These do appear to look exactly the same as your stock parts. However, these are actually softer/spongier than your stock bumpers. There's a less violent chassis reaction when your Mustang bounces off these upgraded bumpers and will therefore help improve stability and ride comfort. Hope this helps!

      Lisa , Customer Care

  • 5/5

    A Good Supporting Mod

    March 23, 2013

    They are a bit softer, which allow the axle to come down a bit more (when you are lowered it would make a bit of a difference, and would stop the harsh stop compared to the stock ones. Would recommend getting these even if you arent lowered, just in case you do Bottom out, it'd make it a bit nicer on everything.

    Top 100 Contributor


    Year: 2012 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 1 Denver, CO

    Helpful (3) (0)

  • 5/5

    Jounce Bumper Kit

    July 12, 2013

    My 2006 units were dry rotted up. These new Jounce Bumpers bolted right up and included everything required, including new mounting bolts.


    Year: 2006 Model: GT Driving Style: Show 'Stangs I have owned: 2 SC

    Helpful (2) (0)

  • 5/5

    Ford Racing Joujnce Bumper Kit (05-14)

    March 22, 2013

    This kit is a direct replacement of the original bumpers, and provides a noticeable improvement in regards to the impact of bottoming out. You don't get that slamming into a wall feeling when bottoming the suspension. Great product.

    Top 1000 Contributor


    Year: 2007 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 1 Las Cruces, NM

    Helpful (1) (0)

  • 5/5

    Huge ride performance improvement!!!

    March 22, 2013

    I bought these to compliment the Ford Racing P springs.The jounce bumper kit made a huge improvement in ride quality with the new springs.If you plan on lowering your Stang,I highly recommend buying these at the same time to make changing them out a breeze.The back bumpers you can do with no problems,but the front you have to take the strut assembly off to replace.


    Year: 2008 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 3 Indiana, USA

    Helpful (1) (0)

  • 5/5

    They Work

    March 02, 2013

    I replaced these only on the rear of my GT500. I'm lowered with Eibach Pro-Kit springs and when I would hit big bumps on the highway my car's rear end would hit pretty hard. With these softer jounce bumpers it takes the harshness out of major bumps. I haven't installed the front ones yet because I really don't feel like disassembling my front struts and springs, plus it doesn't feel like the fronts need changed like the rear ones did. Maybe when the weather gets warmer and I have a free weekend I might change the fronts.


    Year: 2008 Model: GT500 Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 2 Alexandria, VA

    Helpful (1) (0)

  • 5/5

    Not the Same

    November 24, 2012

    These look like the stock ones, but the base is different. I got the rest of the FRPP handling pack so I thought I should get these too. They work.

    Top 50 Contributor


    Year: 2009 Model: Bullitt Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 2 Longview, TX

    Helpful (1) (0)

  • 5/5

    They are what they are..

    October 15, 2014

    Couldn't tell a bit of difference, but I'm sure they're doing what they're supposed to.


    Year: 2014 Model: GT Driving Style: Street / Strip 'Stangs I have owned: 5+ Gallatin, TN, USA

    Helpful (0) (0)

  • 5/5

    Ford Racing Jounce Bumper Kit (05-14 All)

    September 03, 2014

    Easy install for the rears, couldn't use the fronts due to having HD Bilstien shocks, (don't need them in the front). Very good value for the money, Ford wants almost double the money for the rears alone! No increase in harshness even with being lowered 1 1/2 inches all around.


    Year: 2005 Model: GT Driving Style: Street / Strip 'Stangs I have owned: 5 Beaverton, Oregon

    Helpful (0) (0)

  • 5/5

    Jouce Stops

    March 05, 2014

    Excellent product, corrected my ride travel problem. Perfect match with KR strut,shock, and spring kit.


    Year: 2008 Model: GT500 'Stangs I have owned: 3 Texas, USA

    Helpful (0) (0)

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