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Heather's mustang photos


About The Experts



Process Management
Certifications: Certified mechanic (ATC Exton)

I was always in the garage growing up since my dad used to drag race and my uncles raced motorcycles, and we still havenít run out of projects to work on. I went to automotive school in Exton, PA, and worked as a mechanic for a while. Working at AM is nice because it's not as strenuous as working in a garage, but Iím still surrounded by fellow gearheads. The best part about this job is still having the energy/desire to work on MY car when I get home. I guess Iím a ďV6 personĒ (this is my 2nd one) but I donít think thatís necessarily a bad thing. 305HP is plenty for a daily driver, more than enough to get in trouble with, and it gives me an excuse to have a project car.

About Heather's mustang

Heather's Deep Impact Blue '14 V6

This is the first new car Iíve ever had, but I donít baby her Ė she has already been down to North Carolina and back and has many road trips ahead of her. Lola inherited her predecessorís name partly because I didnít feel like getting a new vanity plate, and partly because I couldnít think of a better name. She isnít a show car Ė you wonít see me cleaning her undercarriage or engine bay, or scouring every nook and cranny of her interior with a q-tip, and she will never get trailered to and from shows and events. Cars are meant to be driven, and I really enjoy driving.


Styling Upgrades
MMD Bolt On Hood Strut Kit - Chrome Weathertech Black Floor Liners
Performance Upgrades
Airaid Cold Air Intake Diablosport InTune Tuner w/ 3 Free Custom Tunes
Future Modifications
Staggered 2013 GT500 Gloss Black Wheel & NITTO Tire Kit - 18x9/10 BBK 73mm Throttle Body Eibach Pro-System-Plus Roush High Flow Upper Grille Roush High Flow Lower Grille