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How to Fix Missed Shifts in 2011-2014 Mustangs

Written By: Gin Yum

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If you're missing shifts in your 2011-2014 Mustang it might be time to upgrade. Choose from a huge selection of transmission parts for your Mustang and gain the feel of smoother shifts and a more enjoyable driving experience.

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If you're missing shifts, experiencing shifter play or notchiness, you might want to consider a short throw shifter and a new shifter bracket for your 2010-2014 Mustang.

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The 2011-2014 Mustang’s Getrag MT-82 transmission is good, but can it be made better?

When Ford introduced the Coyote Mustang, it was the most significant drivetrain overhaul that the Mustang had received in nearly 20 years. Along with kicking off a new era of 5.0 Mustangs, the Coyote came with a new Getrag MT-82 transmission that was meant to address complaints of the old Tremec units. In a lot of ways, the new transmission succeeded. As someone who used to drive a New Edge Mustang with the Tremec 3650, the Getrag MT-82 is miles ahead of the older transmission. As good as the new transmission feels, when you start pushing your Mustang, you’ll inevitably run into situations when its performance just isn’t up to par. An aftermarket shifter set up will remove the last bit of slop that exists in the stock setup and completely transform your driving experience.

What will a short throw shifter do for the 2011-2014 Mustang?

2011-2014 Short Throw Shifter

The shifter in the Coyote Mustang generally works well when cruising around. However, when you drive the way a 420 HP pony car deserves to be driven, the shifter will occasionally fails to keep up. The imprecise action of the stock shifter along with the soft rubber mounting bracket will cause you to miss shifts sooner or later. The 2-3 shift is one that is particularly difficult with the stock shifter, which can cause even seasoned drivers to miss shifts. An aftermarket unit, such as the SR Performance short throw shifter, will reduce the shift distance by 25-30% while also getting rid of some of the notchy feel of the stock shifter. Instead of fighting back when you try to shift into 3rd gear, it’ll slide right in. If you don’t think you’re missing out on much by sticking with the stock shifter, read any one of the hundreds of positive reviews on the 11-14 Mustang shifters that we carry. It will be immediately evident how much more satisfying driving your Mustang will become after installing an aftermarket shifter.

Best Ways of Preventing Missed Shifts on 2011-2014 Mustangs

2011-2014 Aftermarket Shifter Bracket
  • An aftermarket shifter can remove the last bit of slop that exists in the stock setup
  • Switching to an aftermarket short-throw shifter reduces the shift distance and enhances the driving experience
  • The stock shifter bracket does a poor job keeping the shifter in place, and upgrading to an aftermarket shifter bracket made of billet aluminum should better match the powerful Mustang drivetrain
  • With a new shifter and shifter bracket, it becomes extremely difficult to miss a shift

Do I need to replace the Mustang's stock shifter bracket?

2011-2014 Stock Shifter Bracket

As much as Ford has improved the new Mustangs, the stock shifter bracket is an extremely cheap piece of hardware. It’s a piece of rubber that is zip tied onto a flimsy metal bracket. If you’ve seen your engine being revved, you know how much the drivetrain can flex and that’s without any load or road forces. Needless to say, the stock bracket does a poor job of keeping the shifter where it should be. This causes unnecessary movement of the entire shifter assembly, contributing to difficulty in shifting properly. The aftermarket shifter bracket is built of CNC machined billet aluminum and combined with polyurethane bushings to better match the powerful Mustang drivetrain. This bracket will not only provide smoother, firmer shifts but due to its durable construction, you’ll never have to worry about the zip tie failing or the rubber breaking down.

Will these mods reduce or eliminate missed shifts?

A shifter is usually not the first mod a new Mustang owner will think to make on their car because it doesn’t seem as exciting as a mod that gives you more horsepower. However, if you drive a manual transmission Mustang, you really need to consider getting a short throw shifter. Your hands are going to be interacting with either the steering wheel or the shifter the vast majority of the time you’re in your Mustang and getting perfect shifts every time is a simple pleasure that shouldn’t be denied. The quality construction of our aftermarket shifters and shifter bracket will make missed shifts a thing of the past.