JLT Performance Cold Air Intake (11-14 GT)

JLT Performance Cold Air Intake (11-14 GT)
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Hey Iím Justin with AmericanMuscle.com, and Iím going to be breaking down the JLT cold air intake, available in a textured black ABS plastic finish, or carbon fiber, fitting all 2011 and newer Mustang GTs. The Performance cold air from JLT is a tune only intake due to its absolutely massive 170mm diameter intake tube that does incorporate the MAF housing into the actual tube itself, making for a much cleaner look. Because this intake does not include a reducer insert like other aftermarket intakes, running a performance tune is an absolute must. Taking a closer look at the first option youíll see that JLT went with a lightweight ABS plastic for the intake tube, which will be slightly better at reducing heat soak when compared to other metal intake tubes. JLT does offer the performance in a carbon fiber version which will offer all the same performance benefits as the ABS plastic version, but with a very cool carbon fiber finish thatís sure to look great under the hood, that is of course if you donít mind spending a few extra bucks for the added bling. Included in the package youíll find the rather large power stack reusable high flow filter, ABS plastic heat shield, all the hardware and couplers, and finally the intake tube itself. The nice thing with the JLT is it does include a bung to be used with the interior sound tube, if youíre not familiar with what this is itís basically a hose which connects that bung to the firewall, and pumps all that intake noise into the cabin. If youíve already deleted this, or youíre not a fan of this, you can always use the included cap to plug everything off. Alright, in order to see how well the JLT will perform on our Coyote motor, we need to see where the car stands now, so with that said letís grab a quick baseline run using our automatic 2011 GT, and then get to work installing the intake. Removing the stock airbox and then getting the new JLT installed is something any backyard mechanic should be able to tackle in half an hour or less using basic hand tools. For automatic equipped cars, you will need to drill a half inch hole into the actual intake tube, and then use the included fitting to complete the job but really itís not a big deal. As I mentioned earlier, due to the size of the mass air flow housing on the JLT, running a performance tune is an absolute must, otherwise youíre going to trigger a check engine light, so weíre going to upload our custom Bama tune, which is going to optimize our spark timing, adjust our variable cam timing, and should ultimately get those air/fuel ratios right where they need to be. Alright with our JLT installed and our tune uploaded, letís make another pull on the Dynojet and see what kind of improvements this intake made on our 2011. Our baseline run using our automatic 2011 GT gave us 336 horsepower and 302 ft/lbs of torque, with our JLT/Bama combination, we put down 369 horsepower and 339 ft/lbs of torque, making for a peak gain of 33 horsepower over our baseline numbers, and gains of 37 horsepower and 60 ft/lbs of torque throughout the curve. The performance from the JLT is for the Mustang owner whoís looking for maximum power gains, and either has a tune installed already or plans on purchasing one along with the intake, and as always you can check out both options right here at AmericanMuscle.com

About JLT

JLT Performance Cold Air Intakes
JLT Performance is a family owned business driven by a passion for Mustangs. Owned by Jay and Lisa Tucker, JLT Performance started in 2004 with one product for the 03, 04 Cobra and has grown to a never ending product line for nearly every late model Mustang out there. They understand the need for products that not only work, but look good and are affordable too. They feel they have some of the best products on the market and stand behind their products 100%, giving superior customer service. Being MADE IN THE USA, JLT and American Muscle make a winning team!
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Product Features

  • 24-30 RWHP gains w/ custom tune
  • 107mm MAF housing
  • Reusable S&B high flow air filter
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Computer Tune Required - Why is a Tune Required?
  • Fits 2011-2014 GT Mustangs
More Usable Horsepower. Gain up to 24 or even 30 RWHP throughout your entire power band with a JLT intake and a custom tune on your 2011 (or newer) GT. Putting 30 more ponies to the pavement doesn't get any easier, faster, or more affordable than this. Plus, your GT will also respond faster with a noticeable improvement in throttle response for better driveability and quicker launches.

107mm MAF Housing. This JLT cold air intake kit has a unique design that incorporates 107mm MAF housing right into the tube for a clean look (MAF not included). Plus, a removable cap over the interior sound tube allows you to choose whether you want to hear the added growl from your new intake or not.

Heat Shield Included. The JLT Performance Cold Air Intake includes a vacuum formed ABS plastic heat shield that not only looks great, but blocks out excessive under hood engine heat at low speed and idle that can rob you of power. All JLT kits now also include our water blocker plug insert for no worries about water getting to the filter.

Money Saving Reusable Filter. This JLT cold air intake kit comes complete with a high flow reusable S&B brand air filter. So that means there is no need to go out and buy a new filter every few thousand miles. Now you can just clean the filter, re-oil it, save money, and go!

Required Upgrade. Installation of this Cold Air Intake will require the use of a Mustang Handheld Tuner to reprogram the vehicles computer (ECU) for operation.

Application. This JLT Cold Air Intake is specifically designed for use on the 2011-2014 5.0 GT Mustang with either a manual or automatic transmission. Requires a new computer tune.Automatic equipped Mustangs will require drilling an extra hole into the induction tube for proper installation.

Install Note: When installing the filter on the air tube, please be sure not to slide the air filter down too far on the tube as it may cause surging issues.

Cold Air Intake Specifications
Year/Model: 2011-2014 GT Filter Placement: Engine Bay
Material: ABS Plastic Finish: Black
Manufacture: JLT Computer Tune Required: Yes

Installation Time:

(approx) 1 Hour

Difficulty Level:

Simple installation for anyone.

What's in the box?

  • JLT plastic intake tube
  • Silicone coupler
  • ABS Heat Shield
  • 4.5x9 S&B powerstack air filter
  • HD Clamps & all needed hardware

What's in the box?

  • JLT plastic intake tube
  • Silicone coupler
  • ABS Heat Shield
  • 4.5x9 S&B powerstack air filter
  • HD Clamps & all needed hardware
  • GT 11, 12, 13, 14
  • Boss 12, 13

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