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Should I Replace my 1999-2004 Mustang's Water Pump?

Written By: Stanley Sadowski

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Replace your aging water pump is vital to keeping engine temperatures down and performance at its peak. Fix old, leaking or failing water pups with a high-flowing aftermarket water pump replacement.

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The water pump is what causes the coolant to flow through your Mustang’s cooling system. Without the water pump, the system would leave the coolant stagnant and cause the car to overheat. When you’re in the market for a water pump the main determinant is how the car is used. Whether or not the Mustang is daily driven or just a track car will determine what style of water pump to purchase. Cost can also be a Factor as well. The choice will be between a belt driven and electric water pump. If you decide to go with a regular style water pump and not electric, make sure you are getting the correct one for your year. The 1996-2001 models are different from the 2002-2004 model Mustangs. The difference between these two is length and will matter when you go to install it.

American Muscle

A Mustang's Factory Water Pump

Ford Mustang Water Pump

If you use your Mustang strictly as a daily driver to get from point A to point B then a factory replacement unit will be just fine. The stock water pump does a decent job keeping the coolant is motion on a stock or close to stock build. It is recommended to stay with an OEM water pump because it is usually less likely to fail on the 1999-2004 Mustangs than the other options.

Another advantage of going with an OEM product is that the cost will be fairly cheaper than the other options. They will cool your engine with no issue if you are just running a few bolt-on upgrades and they are also more readily available and can be picked up at various local auto parts stores.

High flow aftermarket Mustang water pumps

Mustang Water Pump Installed

If you decided you wanted a little more horsepower and have completed, say, a head and cam upgrade, went with a stroker kit, or you are running a very stout bolt-on car then a high flow water pump may be a better choice for you.

High flow water pumps have redesigned impellers which allow it to cool the engine more efficiently. These products offer an increase in flow while reducing the amount of power needed for the water pump to operate.

Electric Mustang water pumps

Electric Mustang Water Pump Installed

Going with an electric water pump would be exactly what you are looking for if you mainly use your Mustang for racing. Some Mustang enthusiasts use them on daily driven cars but they are far more commonly seen on race cars because of the advantages. Electric water pumps are also the most expensive compared to the other choices so they may not be the best option on a budget build.

Advantages of an electric water pump

There are two main benefits of choosing an electric unit over an engine powered water pump. This first is that they don’t drain engine power as they are not belt-driven. This gives electric water pumps their second advantage of being able to be turned on when the car is off, helping cool your Mustang between runs. Electric water pumps have different flow rates so make sure you select one that will efficiently cool your engine depending on your application. They are highly versatile and can also be controlled by a switch to maintain the desired temperate.