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AmericanMuscle Invades SEMA 2015!

Come out to the 2015 SEMA show with us in Las Vegas! Check out AM Expert Ron’s big turbo Ecoboost, drifting with DRAGG and some of the sickest Mustangs from the show!

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Make-A-Wish Build & Giveaway

It was Make-A-Wish recipient, Austin's wish to have a Mustang that he only ever dreamed of and the crew at AmericanMuscle made that dream come true. Check out how it became a reality!

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Hot Lap Episodes

Project Cars

AM Expert & Customer Builds

Bolt-On Build-Ups '10-'14

  • '10-'14 Mustang GT
    '10-'14 Mustang GT
  • '10-'14 Mustang V6
    '10-'14 Mustang V6
  • '13-'14 Mustang GT500
    '13-'14 Mustang GT500
  • '10-'12 Mustang GT500
    '10-'12 Mustang GT500

Bolt-On Build-Ups '05-'09

  • '05-'09 Mustang GT
    '05-'09 Mustang GT
  • '05-'09 Mustang V6
    '05-'09 Mustang V6
  • '07-'09 Mustang GT500
    '07-'09 Mustang GT500

Bolt-On Build-Ups '99-'04

  • '99-'04 Mustang GT
    '99-'04 Mustang GT
  • '99-'04 Mustang V6
    '99-'04 Mustang V6

Bolt-On Build-Ups '94-'98

  • '94-'98 Mustang GT
    '94-'98 Mustang GT

AmericanMuscle Events

2016 Annual Mustang Show

The biggest all-Mustang car show in the country. If you haven't checked out this event, you gotta' make it to our 2017 show. There will be thousands of Mustangs, a vendor midway, burnout competion, and much more!

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AmericanMuscle takes over the Carlisle Ford Nationals

Watch us check out some of the coolest Mustangs of the show and host a mini-version of our dyno competition, Mustang Mayhem, where we put down some big horsepower. Plus check out the AmericanMuscle fleet along with some sponsored race cars and more.

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AmericanMuscle Invades the SEMA Show

Our team heads to SEMA to bring you the hottest Ford Mustangs of each year. We bring you high speed drifting, show off our own Mustangs and much more!

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Our Rides

Crystal White '96 Cobra

This is my 96 GT that has had a complete 98 cobra conversion. The entire driveline and front end has been converted to a cobra. I purchased the car from a good friend of mine two month ago; he had owned it for 6 years since the cobra conversion was originally completed. However the car hadn’t run in 4-5 years due to some faulty wiring. After a couple days of tearing the car apart to troubleshoot all the Frankenstein-ed wiring she’s back to raining terror on the streets!

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Black '97 Cobra

So far I have owned 7 mustangs, and I do not plan to stop by a long shot. Up until a year ago my daily driver was a ’97 sixxer with 229k. I fully restored that car from the ground up and kept it strong until the day I finally let it go - I miss that car every day! I currently own an ’88 GT that is pretty modified visually and mechanically, and I also own the ’72 Mach 1 which I plan to fully restore in the near future. The Cobra featured is actually my boyfriends. We met because of this Cobra and I’ve known the car for many years before. No other car makes has made my heart flutter like this one does. The menacing look, the sound, and its powerful meaning is truly indescribable. This cobra is exactly what my dream sn95 cobra will be when I can get my hands on one. It is an honor for me to have this cobra in my life, I maintain and take care of her better than my own!

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