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AmericanMuscle Invades SEMA 2015!

Come out to the 2015 SEMA show with us in Las Vegas! Check out AM Expert Ron’s big turbo Ecoboost, drifting with DRAGG and some of the sickest Mustangs from the show!

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Make-A-Wish Build & Giveaway

It was Make-A-Wish recipient, Austin's wish to have a Mustang that he only ever dreamed of and the crew at AmericanMuscle made that dream come true. Check out how it became a reality!

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Bolt-On Build-Ups '10-'14

  • '10-'14 Mustang GT
    '10-'14 Mustang GT
  • '10-'14 Mustang V6
    '10-'14 Mustang V6
  • '13-'14 Mustang GT500
    '13-'14 Mustang GT500
  • '10-'12 Mustang GT500
    '10-'12 Mustang GT500

Bolt-On Build-Ups '05-'09

  • '05-'09 Mustang GT
    '05-'09 Mustang GT
  • '05-'09 Mustang V6
    '05-'09 Mustang V6
  • '07-'09 Mustang GT500
    '07-'09 Mustang GT500

Bolt-On Build-Ups '99-'04

  • '99-'04 Mustang GT
    '99-'04 Mustang GT
  • '99-'04 Mustang V6
    '99-'04 Mustang V6

Bolt-On Build-Ups '94-'98

  • '94-'98 Mustang GT
    '94-'98 Mustang GT

AmericanMuscle Events

2016 Annual Mustang Show

The biggest all-Mustang car show in the country. If you haven't checked out this event, you gotta' make it to our 2017 show. There will be thousands of Mustangs, a vendor midway, burnout competion, and much more!

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AmericanMuscle takes over the Carlisle Ford Nationals

Watch us check out some of the coolest Mustangs of the show and host a mini-version of our dyno competition, Mustang Mayhem, where we put down some big horsepower. Plus check out the AmericanMuscle fleet along with some sponsored race cars and more.

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AmericanMuscle Invades the SEMA Show

Our team heads to SEMA to bring you the hottest Ford Mustangs of each year. We bring you high speed drifting, show off our own Mustangs and much more!

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Our Rides

Deep Impact Blue '13 V6

I fell in love with the car and the color the second I laid eyes on it. This car started off as a nice fun not too bad on gas daily driver and is slowly turning into a twelve second street car. I love this car not for how fast or good looking it is but for the doors it has opened for me and the people I have met from all the different car shows, meets, and events it has brought me to. The most important was eventually leading me to my job here at American Muscle!

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Reef Blue '93 GT

When I turned 16 I decided that I wanted to start another project and have it be my daily driver. My older brother had a 1993 reef blue lx so naturally I wanted the same thing. We found the car just outside of Maple Grove raceway. It was a little beat up and a 4 cylinder with manual windows and door locks. I said I’ll buy it just because of the fact that it was reef blue. Latter on I decided that the 4 cylinder was too slow and did a 5.0L swap. The next thing we did was a five lug conversion and all wheel disc brake. This was my daily driver for a few years so I didn’t do too many mods. When I bought my new daily that is when I put edelbrock performer heads and a gt40 intake. I put 4.10 gears in and a 2800 stall converter. Now it came to the really fun part. I bought the old style mach one interior and 2003 mach one wheels and it really make the car pop. So now here we are today. I was running a Paxton supercharger on there for a little while but decided to take that off and wait to purchase a newer one. In the mean time I had my son and named him Paxton after the supercharger. He loves the car and all he does is tell me its his. I recently just purchased a top mount kenne bell super charger and am hoping to put that on soon.

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