Mustang Shift Knob (79-04) - Installation Instructions

This Mustang Parts Installation Guide Works For

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Tools Required

  • Adjustable Wrench
Installation Time: 15 Mins


  1. First inspect the package and all contents to make sure that there is no damage to your package or defects on your new shift knob.

    Mustang Shifter Knob 79-04 1

  2. I recommend that you sit in the passenger side seat in order to have full access to the shift knob and that way the steering wheel won’t be in the way. Make sure that your vehicle is in neutral and that the parking brake is on.

    Mustang Shift Knob 79-04 2

  3. With one hand hold the shift knob tightly and with your other hand hold the shifter neck under the shift knob tight so that you can break the shift knob loose. Start by twisting the shift knob to the left (counter clockwise)so that it will loosen. Keep turning until it completely comes off.

    Mustang Shift Knob 79-04 3

  4. Once you have the old knob off place it to the side. Inspect the threads on the shifter handle with the threads on the new shift knob to make sure they are the same. They should match. Now with an adjustable wrench unscrew the old retainer nut that is on the shifter handle. While unscrewing (counter clockwise) the retainer nut make sure you hold on to the shifter handle for leverage. This nut should unscrew easily, if not you can use a little WD40, but make sure that you do not spill any on the interior because it will stain.
  5. Now install the new retainer nut approximately as far down as the old one. But not all the way down the handle because it will require adjustment later. With the new nut in place start screwing on the new shift knob in a clockwise direction. Make sure the logo is facing your desired location. You then will start to screw the retainer nut up to meet the bottom of the new shift knob to firmly hold it in place. Make sure that the shift knob and retainer nut are tight against each other and make sure your shift boot is lined up as well.

    Mustang Shift Knob 79-04 4

  6. Enjoy your new shift knob.

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Diego Arboleda 5.11.10