Stack Racing Polished Throttle Body (96-04 GT) - Installation Instructions

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Tools Required

Basic Hand Tools Required
Installation Time: 60 Mins


  1. Disconnect your negative (-) battery terminal. This will allow all of the car's systems to reset.
  2. Remove the upper intake to allow access to the throttle body. Loosen the hose clamps and remove all hoses and electrical connection to remove the upper intake.

    Stack Racing Throttle Body 9604 1

  3. Remove the Throttle Cable, Cruise Control Cable and Throttle Body Spring from the left side of the throttle body. The throttle body spring simply unhooks from the throttle body. The Cruise Control Cable lifts straight "up" and pops off as pictured.

    Stack Racing Throttle Body 9604 2

    Stack Racing Throttle Body 9604 3

    Stack Racing Throttle Body 9604 4

  4. To remove the throttle body cable, pull the cable forward as pictured to rotate, and work it around to allow you to rotate the pin on the end of the cable. Once the pin is rotated to the correct orientation you can slide it easily off of the throttle body.
  5. Next, remove the electrical sensor connection to the Throttle Positioning Sensor.

    Stack Racing Throttle Body 9604 5

  6. Remove the 4 bolts securing the throttle body to the plenum.

    Stack Racing Throttle Body 9604 6

  7. After you have removed the stock throttle body from the engine, remove the Throttle Position Sensor from the stock throttle body. This piece will have to be reused on your new throttle body. Take care in unscrewing the sensor, the screws will strip easily.Stack Racing Throttle Body 9604 7
  8. Install the stock Throttle Position Sensor onto your new Stack Racing Throttle Body. Using the included hardware, and the included gasket, bolt the new throttle body to the engine.

    Stack Racing Throttle Body 9604 8

  9. Reconnect all of the throttle cables and reconnect the Throttle Position sensor. Reinstall your intake in the same manner that it was removed.

    Stack Racing Throttle Body 9604 9

  10. Reconnect negative (-) battery terminal, and fire her up!

Installation instructions provided by Stack Racing