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How to Install Wheel Bands on your Mustang

Installation Time

30 minutes

Tools Required
  • Scissors or other cutting tool
  • Objects inside WheelBands box Colored band Mounting track Alcohol wipe Application tool


1. Take out the colored band, mounting track, alcohol wipe, and application tool from the box.

2. Gather other needed tools and place them all near your worksite.       

3. Remove alcohol wipe from packaging and wipe edge of wheel to remove any grease, dirt, or other debris.
Note. WheelBands cannot be used if the edge of your wheel does not have at least a ¼” flat surface to stick to.

4. Gather your mounting track and snip off end to provide a flush end to begin with.

5. Stick mounting track to the outer edge of your Mustang's wheel, removing the red tape from the adhesive side slowly as you move around the wheel. Gently push down on track to be sure it sticks, but not hard enough you cannot adjust it later.

6. When you reach the point where you began sticking the mounting track, cut the mounting track to the correct length using your cutting tool.      

7. If you find that you have cut the track too long, lift up end of track and cut it slightly shorter. It is fine if there is a small gap between the two ends.       

8. Look back over mounting track and adjust until in the desired position. Once this is done, press firmly over entire track.              

9. Your mounting track is now applied. It should look something like this.       

10. Grab your colored wheel band and begin to snap it into the mounting track.

•Note. Be sure to start this on the opposite side of the seam in your mounting track. By doing this it will reinforce the track and band.              

11. Continue to snap it into place loosely until you again reach your first end of colored band. When you reach the seam in your mounting track, simply go right over it. This will help to hide the possible small gap you had.       

12. Continue snapping the colored band into place until you reach the end you started with. Here you will want to cut the band to the correct length.

  • Note. If you are planning on interchanging colored bands, leave some small gap between the two ends as to be able to stick something in between to remove them. If not, cut it slightly long.

13. Your band, because it may be cut long, may not fit perfectly into the track at first. Go back over the colored band with the application tool pressing the band into place in the opposite direction you had worked before. This will allow for a tight fit.      

14. The seam of the colored band should now be tight and hardly noticeable.       

15. Your installation is complete!        

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle customer Zach Ohs 2/19/2013