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Mustang Shaker Intakes - Let The Speed Do The Work (1999-2014)

Written By: Brian Matthias

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The Mustang's iconic shaker intake is one of the most widely recognizable features you can have. Whether you're looking for a better way to increase airflow or are simply drawn in by the style, a Mustang shaker intake will certainly be a welcomed addition to any 1999-2004 Mustang.

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One way to get more airflow is to use a shaker intake system. Shakers work by taking exterior air and directing it to your intake to create a cleaner and cooler airflow.

What is a Shaker System?

The shaker system is designed to replicate the shaker hoods in some classic Mustangs, and more recently, the Mach1 Mustangs. When the car is parked, the hood looks like it has a normal hood scoop, but when the engine revs, the scoop moves, or shakes, giving the vehicle an aggressive look. 

The Mustang's Iconic Shaker System Intake

The shaker style intake is a very iconic look in the world of Mustangs. The intake poking through the hood reveals a stylish, customized look to your Mustang. The shaker system was a key feature that helped the 1969 Mustang Mach 1 become such a timeless car. This was an attribute that was revived for the 2003 and 2004 Mach 1 Mustangs. The functional intake and unique styling help grab everyone's attention. Now, there is a shaker system available for Mustangs built between 1999-2014.

2005-2009 V6 Mustang with a Shaker Intake System

What are Some Benefits of a Mustang's Shaker System?

  • More Air Flow 
  • Unique Styling 
  • Retains Stock Intake Pipe

Mustang Shaker System Install Tips

The installation is pretty easy - all intake kits come with the necessary hardware, instructions and templates. The kits require cutting of the hood, but with the supplied templates and some careful preparation, it’s a fairly simple process. The kits also supply weather stripping so rain won’t pour onto your engine. 

You will retain the stock factory air box, which means a custom tune is not required and leaves your emissions unchanged and warranty intact. However, you can take advantage of more airflow by getting a BAMA custom tune for your Mustang. Since shaker systems are designed for the factory intakes, modification would be required to work with aftermarket cold air intakes. 

If you are looking for better performance and fresh new styling on your 1999-2014 Mustang, look no further. The Shaker System is a great way to make your pony turn heads!

CDC Shaker Intake System Installed on a 2005-2009 V6 Mustang

Horsepower Expectation with a Shaker System

Generally speaking, just adding the shaker itself is primarily an aesthetic modification. While the concept of getting colder air by being outside the engine bay is valid, it is traditionally marginal. However, when paired with supporting modifications, it can begin to give some gains.

Getting More Out of Your Shaker System

As with most intake systems, there are always supporting mods that can be used to further increase the power level of your Mustang. One item that works quite well is charge motion delete plates (CMDP) if you have an S197 Mustang. If you have an SN95 mustang, the same can be stated for charge motion control valves (CMCVs). Additionally, freeing up the exhaust can also help with power since an engine is essentially air in and then air out.

Steeda Billet Charge Motion Control Plates Installed on a 2005-2008 GT Mustang Intake Plenum
Charge Motion Control Plates Installed
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