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Lund Racing Boost Box Omega for nGauge (96-20 All)

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Lund Racing Boost Box Omega for nGauge (96-20 All)
3.5 Bar Boost Sensor. Now you can accurately display and data log the boost/vacuum pressure of your force induction Mustang with the Lund Racing Boost Box Omega. Just tap the Boost Box Omega into a vacuum line and then connect it to your nGauge Device (sold separately) for precise boost/vac readings. The Boost Box Omega is so advanced that it features Barometric Correction for different altitudes. This 3.5 Bar Boost Sensor is ideal for heavily modified, supercharged and turbocharged Mustangs that require accurate boost information in order to make and maintain power.

Application. The Lund Racing Boost Box Omega is designed specifically for use on 1996-2020 Mustangs equipped with an aftermarket forced induction setup and the second version of the nGauge tuning device.

Which nGauge Do I Have? To determine which version of the nGauge you have you will need to check the serial number. If the second digit of the serial number is a 2 or higher, for example 020000, you have the second version of the nGauge and it will be compatible with the Boost Box Omega.

Technical Note. Transfer Function for PSI. PSI = (14.65 * v) − 14.94