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Adam Black '95 Mustang Cobra

In the future, I plan on making this one mean Cobra with a classic muscle car growl, and hopefully I can keep it around to hand down to my future kids!



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Growing up, Mustangs were always my favorite car. The second I turned 17 and got my license I had my heart set on buying one as my first car, so I bought a 95 V6 Auto. About a year in I got rear ended at a red light, and decided to sell it and buy a 95 GT 5speed that was owned by one of my best friends and his dad before him. I loved that car, it had 18” Gloss black Saleen wheels with all black paint. I hopped in that and taught myself how to drive a stick at 18. A year or so later I got a call that the GT was hit by a school bus and totaled while parked on my street (RIP Ol’ Betsy). Needless to say I've had bad luck with my cars. I ended up getting a 1995 Cobra in amazing condition. As you can tell, I love my SN95’s especially these 5.0’s! I grew up around people who couldn't care less about cars, so I basically had to learn everything on my own and being here at AM has helped tremendously.