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Brian Rio Red '97 V6

My mustang is my first and only car. I purchased it with 80k miles in high school and it now has almost 150k miles. This car has been through some rough PA winters and trips all over the east coast. Like most college kids I had little money to spend on my car, now I just want to keep her running! I have done a few visual mod’s and replaced worn factory parts with upgraded aftermarket parts. Taking a beating on the PA roads she is still holding together and hopefully will continue to!



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Mustangs hold a special place in my heart. My father owned a 65 mustang when he was younger, but a friend wrecked it. The grille pony still sits on his workbench. Until getting my own pony, I had no clue why he would keep a metal horse for so long. I understand now! I really started to understand how cars worked while performing an engine swap on an SW20 MR2 back in high school. After that headache I decided I needed a bigger car. I was able to purchase my mustang from a family friend. After reading for hours on forums and reading the Haynes manual, I was able to begin tackling my own projects on the car. Now that I recently graduated from West Chester University I have more time to increase my mustang knowledge and the parts I replace on the car. I love going to car shows and drift events. I can’t wait to add more pony’s to my collection.