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Fox Body Fog Light Options

Written By: Connor MC

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Taking good care of your Fox Body Mustang requires more than just changing the oil every 3,000 miles; you also want to be sure you can see well at night and in trying weather. A new set of Fox Body fog lights will illuminate the road much better than a hazy, sunbaked set of lenses.

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Similar to the head lights, the aftermarket has spawned a variety of designs apart from the factory fog lights, allowing owners the option of sprucing things up a notch on fog light equipped Fox Body Mustangs.

Just like head lamps, the factory fog lights equipped on Foxbody Mustangs will suffer from oxidation over time, slowly dimming their lighting ability. Perhaps even more damaging, however, is the additional road debris that showers them as they are located so low to the ground. Scratches, chips and cracks are all too common due to encounters with road pebbles, sticks and even large insects can leave lasting damage. You have many options for fog lights, check them out:

Some common Fox Body fog light replacement options:

  • Smoked versions of the original
  • (Actual) Clear lens fog lamps
  • OEM quality stock replacements

Smoked Fog Lights - Aftermarket Options For Fog Lights

Foxbody Mustang Smoked Fog Lights

Smoked style: Smoked style fog lights are precisely like the stock style except the lenses have been specially tinted to provide a smoke-grey hue (they may or may not be smoked like a good rack of ribs, I don’t know). Again, H3 bulbs are the light source of choice. In my opinion, they lend a more aggressive look to the front of the car. These go great with an accompanying smoked head light set.

Clear Fog Lights

Foxbody Mustang Clear Fog Lights

Ultra clear: Now, the stock fog lights are considered to be clear, but this new variety, dubbed ‘ultra clear’, really are clear. Like, crystal clear. With a completely smooth lens (no ripples), you can see right through these bad boys, no problem. Available in both regular and smoked style, the ultra clear fog lights are definitely the most radical. Better yet, they retain all stock fittings and size. Thus you get an aftermarket look but with stock compatibility.

Fox Body Fog Lights: OEM Replacements

Foxbody Mustang Stock Fog Lights

OEM style: Really, there is no going wrong with a stock replacement. The stock style features a clear lens with accompanying ripple effect and utilizing H3 bulbs. Oddly enough, despite being considered a clear lens (since they are not tinted), the rippling does give a hazed type of look. These are a two-piece design where the lens can be separated from the assembly.

Installing and aligning Fox Body fog lights

Removal and installation of Foxbody fog lights is really quite easy – they are simply bolted through a mounting plate and held on with one nut. When removing them, make sure to unplug the connector first. If you can, try and take a picture of each old fog light, so you have a visual reference when installing the new fog light. Despite being only held on by one nut, aligning the fog lights is pretty tricky. In fact, an extra set of hands would be a great help. Since there is only one nut, as you tighten the nut, quite often the fog light will rotate out of position due to the torque – thus the recommendation for an extra set of hands. One person holds the fog light in place while the other tightens it down. Once everything is lined and bolted up, plug the connector back in and you’re ready to enjoy your new lighting.

You don’t have to replace your Mustang's Entire light!

If you are simply looking for an OEM rippled-style set, here is some good news. It is possible to purchase only the lens for the fog light, if that is the only part that is damaged. This way, you can salvage the housing and wiring from the old assembly and just replace the lens, saving yourself a little cash on the way. Just make sure to verify the seal when installing a new lens. If in doubt, a fine bead of silicone along the sealing edge never hurt anyone.