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JLT Black Oil Separator (05-10 GT)

AmericanMuscle no longer carries the JLT Black Oil Separator (05-10 GT). Please check out 2005-2009 Mustang Air, Oil and Fuel Filters for an updated selection.
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AmericanMuscle no longer carries the JLT Black Oil Separator (05-10 GT). Please check out 2005-2009 Mustang Air, Oil and Fuel Filters for an updated selection.

Features, Video & Details

  • Reduces Engine Sludge
  • Billet Aluminum Construction
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Easy Plug-And-Play Installation
  • Drivers Side (PCV Side) Kit
  • Includes New PCV Line with Fittings
  • Fits 2005-2010 Mustang GT

Review & Installation Video

Review & Install Video

Hey I’m Justin with, here with a way to keep your 4.6L motor clean and sludge free, I’m referring to these JLT oil separators available in your choice of either black or satin fitting all 2005-2010 Mustang GTs. So what does an oil separator do? Well, just about every internal combustion engine has what is called PCV or positive crank case ventilation, this allows the small amount of blow by and gases that are produced during combustion to escape the crank case or block in a controlled manner. In just about every case, these oily vapors and fluids are rerouted through a PCV valve or breather tube, back into the intake to be burned up by your motor, the only problem with this is those oily vapors can oftentimes coat and dirty up the intake manifold, and in some extreme cases either cause damage, or lower the octane rating of your fuel by diluting your gas. This becomes even more of an issue on the supercharged or turbocharged cars where the crank case pressures can be increased, causing more of this oily by product or blow by to occur. That’s where these separators from JLT come into play. This kit mounts in line with your Mustang’s PCV system to catch any of that blow by or sludge we just talked about. We did install one of these on our 06 GT here a little while ago, and since then we’ve done some pretty hard driving, a few Dyno pulls and maybe an odd burnout or two. With that said, let’s take the kit off and see what we’ve collected. And there you go, this oily mess would have otherwise ended up going back into our intake manifold to be burned off by our engine. Taking a closer look at this kit from JLT you’ll actually notice it’s pretty simple. JLT utilizes a 2 ounce Billet aluminum collector, that is available in your choice of either black or satin, the kit does install 2 factory preinstalled hoses along with the fittings making this an extremely easy plug and play install here that should take you no more than a few minutes. You’ll simply want to remove the factory hose first, and then reinstall the JLT in reverse order. In the end, if you want to help keep your 3 valve 4.6L motor free of sludge, then going with this JLT oil separator would be a great place to start.

Reduce Sludge. In your Mustang's engine, crankcase exhaust is re-circulated back through your PCV system and intake, taking with it large amounts of oil vapors. This JLT Oil Separator kit installs in your PCV line to filter out oil before it can get into your engine's intake - where it doesn't belong - and cause damage.

Premium Quality Kit. This high quality kit includes the JLT Oil Separator, which features billet aluminum construction with a black anodized finish for superior style and durability. The 2 oz. tank base is easily removed for draining during oil changes, and is designed with a o-ring for a leak-free seal. Plus, JLT added a Ford Motorcraft metal mesh PCV pre-filter to prevent any oil from getting back into your intake.

Easy Installation. This complete kit includes a factory PCV line that has already been modified with the necessary fittings and attached to the separator for a true plug-and-play installation.

Application. This JLT Oil Separator kit is designed for 2005 to 2010 Mustang GTs. Designed for direct installation on the driver's side only (same side as the PCV valve).

Technical Note. There is a unique JLT separator kit recommended for 2007-2012 Mustang GT500's - click here.

What's in the Box
  • (1) Oil Separator
Installation Info

Most Helpful Reviews

Looks and fits like it was an OEM part!

The JLT oil separator is a high quality product that fits and looks like it belonged on the car from the factory. JLT uses the Ford hoses and clamps, and the machined aluminium housing bespeaks quality. ...

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Helpful (4)


This oil separator could not be easier to install! It comes fully assembled and simply plugs-in in place of your old PCV line. I just picked it up today, drove the car only about a mile, and there's already ...

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Helpful (3)

Overall Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars
Read All 58 Reviews

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5 Questions / 7 Answers

Ask a Question

Is this the generation 3 model?


  • The JLT Black Oil Separator (05-10 GT) will not be the generation three. I will include the link below for the JLT V3.0 Black Oil Separator - Driver Side (05-10 GT)


Helpful (0)

Is it better to put a oil separator on both sides of the motor instead of on one side of the motor?


  • just 1 on the driver side does the job


Helpful (0)

Does it fit the FRPP Intake manifold or does it require modification?


  • Yes it will fit. I have the same manifold on my 05 gt.With a little modification to the tube, it will fit just fine.


Helpful (0)

What accessories work with this ? Will this fit my 09 GT/CS with fuel rail covers on it ?


  • No, but if you mark its location you can cut out the section so it can fit.


Helpful (0)

Does the separator need to be emptied after each ride?


  • No, it does not. It just needs to be checked at every oil change or on a regular basis.


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Customer Reviews (58) Write a Review

Overall Rating 4.7

out of 5 stars

  • 5/5

    October 19, 2011

    Looks and fits like it was an OEM part!

    The JLT oil separator is a high quality product that fits and looks like it belonged on the car from the factory. JLT uses the Ford hoses and clamps, and the machined aluminium housing bespeaks quality. It is a 5 minute install, and a must have for any supercharged application to keep your internal intercooler from being coated in dirty crankcase oil and losing cooling efficiency.


    Year: 2006 Submodel: GT CA

    Helpful (4)

  • 4/5

    October 13, 2013

    Awesome Product

    I received the catch can as a gift, first impression is that its amazing, great finish!! i have the FRPP manifold, this item does not fit as its shipped, i had to modify the outlet hose, luckily i had some laying around and i was able to rig something temporary.


    Year: 2005 Submodel: GT Puyallup, WA

    Helpful (3)

  • 5/5

    October 18, 2011


    This oil separator could not be easier to install! It comes fully assembled and simply plugs-in in place of your old PCV line. I just picked it up today, drove the car only about a mile, and there's already collected oil inside. No leaks, no fitment issues, works like a charm. The black finish looks OEM inside the engine compartment. Quality product -- do your engine a favor and keep your intake clean!


    Year: 2008 Submodel: GT Malvern

    Helpful (3)

  • 5/5

    March 09, 2016

    Perfect under the hood upgrade!

    This little guy not only works exactly as it it's suppose to do, it looks moghty good to! This simple oil separator does exactly that! Keep the oil from circulating back into tour intake manifold and helps keep your engine running smoother and helps prevent harmful build up! Highly recommend!


    Year: 2010 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (2)

  • 5/5

    May 18, 2015

    Good product

    After a few days I did notice better mpg around town...Also notice the 4.6 motor idles smoother when car is warming up.oil change isn't due for another 3000.. With the 200 miles I do have on the JLT it already accumulated sum oil slugs inside container


    Year: 2008 Submodel: GT Cleveland Tennessee

    Helpful (2)

  • 5/5

    May 07, 2014

    Oil Seperator

    This oil separator can installs with no tools need and looks stock in the engine. The price is a little high but hey the can catches oil so its worth it then in my opinion.


    Year: 2007 Submodel: GT Austin, TX, USA

    Helpful (2)

  • 4/5

    March 26, 2013

    Black JLT Oil Separator (05-10 GT)

    Very good quality except for plastic hoses, can not get correct angle to install. Will not fit 4.6L with Ford Racing Intake installed. You will have to Replace the plastic hoses with rubber hoses and install the fittings that came with the plastic hoses. And your done. Very good product and would recommend this to any Mustang owner. R/S Charles Entsminger


    Year: 2007 Submodel: GT Kuwait

    Helpful (2)

  • 5/5

    October 02, 2012

    Very well made product

    I have over 130k miles on my 2006, i decided to put this on and see how much oil it would acually stop. All I can say is wow, just over 500 miles and the bottom 1/3 of the container was full. Id say even if youre not pushin boost i def invest in this.


    Year: 2006 Submodel: V6

    Helpful (2)

  • 3/5

    January 27, 2012

    Jlt Oil Sep

    Simple plug and play design. The only issue with my 07 is that I needed to modify and move the catch can about 1/2 in towards the throttle body so that the can wasn't pushing on a coil over. Other then that, great product!


    Year: 2007 Submodel: GT Surprise AZ

    Helpful (2)

  • 4/5

    August 07, 2016

    Part of the solution...

    My '06 4.6l had the occasional blue puff issue (sometimes a blue cloud issue) on start up so the oil separator was bought to help this... and it did but not completely. My oil separator is still on the car but not connected to the intake. It catches some oil still but not too much, it seems most of my issue was 'suck' from the intake not 'blow' from the valve cover. I'm happy to not have that embarrassment anymore.


    Year: 2006 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 5/5

    July 01, 2016


    Looks good easy to install took about 2 minutes I would definitely recommend to anyone


    Year: 2005 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 4/5

    June 21, 2016

    JLT Black Oil Separator

    Good quality, easy install. Only gave 4 stars because the hose from the PCV to the oil separator is a bit too long resulting in a very slight kink in the hose which may cause some restriction in vent flow.


    Year: 2006 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 5/5

    May 13, 2016

    Must have

    I must say this catch can really works! I only drove 50 miles so far since install(which takes a minute or two at most:) and there was already some oil in it! Can't imagine all that oil and moisture going right back in your intake. Should help keep things nice and clean. Highly recommended for any mustang!


    Year: 2005 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 5/5

    May 10, 2016

    JLT Separator, you need one

    I added Ford Hot Rod cams to the car and when this is done it's good practice to clean the throttle body. My car is healthy, only has 6,500 miles, and uses no oil between changes. When cleaning the TB, I noticed that there is some oil in the intake. This ends up on the TB plates, the intake valves, etc., not good. All you have to do is look at a charge motion plate to see how much gunk can build up. At first I thought maybe I am wasting my money on this since I am not running forced induction. After just a small amount of driving, I was surprised to see oil in the separator already. This would have been on the valves, TB, in the intake. The fit is factory like and is a one minute install. Like the title says, you need one.


    Year: 2006 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 5/5

    April 12, 2016

    Great product

    Am delivered to Canada in 4 days ,installed in 5 min and after 100 k oil was in bottom so clearly it works


    Year: 2011 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 4/5

    September 29, 2015


    Beautiful piece, looks great under the hood, 5 minute install. Looks so good I would never part with it. Time will tell how much it may collect. In my application of a Naturally Aspirated 4.6 the right side hose of this unit, kinked slightly in final position because it is just a bit too long.


    Year: 2008 Submodel: GT Connecticut

    Helpful (1)

  • 4/5

    April 03, 2012

    It Is What It Is

    I installed charge motion delete plugs and while I had the intake manifold off, it was apparent why these are necessary. It takes about 30 seconds to install and looks stock. It fit perfectly. When I took it off to empty it I noticed that there was oil in tube on the intake side of the filter. It's obviously not keeping all of the oil out of the intake, but it's got to be helping.


    Year: 2009 Submodel: Bullitt Longview, TX

    Helpful (1)

  • 5/5

    December 07, 2011

    Nice piece

    was a breeze to install. Was surprised how much oil it actually catches.


    Year: 2006 Submodel: GT sutton, ma

    Helpful (1)

  • 5/5

    April 24, 2016

    OIl Seperator

    The JLT oil separator works exactly as described. I was amazed at how much oil gets sucked into the manifold. An absolute must have!


    Year: 2008 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (0)

  • 5/5

    March 20, 2016

    Already seeing results

    The raxiom replacement LED license plate bulb is nice and bright. Very quick install takes less than five minutes to the job done. The led really spruces up the back end, bringing your Mustang into the future with this quick install.


    Year: 2007 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (0)

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