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Karen Crystal White '95 GT Convertible

I bought this car in 1997 looking for what was to be the last 5.0L at the time.  I wanted triple black but got convinced to buy this one, plus the deal was too good to turn down.  Found out later after lots of research that my car is a rare 1 of 36 Crystal White Convertibles produced for 1995 with Bright Red Leather Interior. I daily drove it until 2001, now it is only taken out to cruise on the weekends or whenever the weather is nice.



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I am a Mustangaholic. Do not try cure me, I am perfectly ok with being one.  I have owned over 10 Mustangs in my lifetime already. I currently have just 5 (I did own 8 at one time).  I fell in love for the first time when I was 13.  My brother owned a 1967 Acapulco Blue 289 coupe.  After my first ride in it I knew I was addicted!  This love only intensified more with my first car, a 1975 Mustang II coupe with a 302 in it. My ’95 GT vert is for when I feel the need to ride with the top down.  It is the perfect cruiser.  Plus it is great when Ford Regional Dealers contact me to help with their events when they need my clean convertible for parades.  This can get me TV time.  This ‘AM STANG’ has escorted Eagles cheerleaders.  No other modding for this vert is planned, that is what the ’03 GT is for.