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Mustang Engine Dress Up Parts Explained

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Add an extra bit of flash to your ride with engine dress-up parts. Whether you're looking for finishing touches or just starting your project, you can't go wrong with a bit of chrome.

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Next time you're at a car show, take note of the baddest Mustangs you see, particularly the engine bay. Ever notice a theme? You should notice almost every award-winning Mustang has some form of under hood dress up and many are completely decked out. After all, staring at the boring plastic covers, caps, and prop-up rod gets old fast. Sprucing up the look of the engine bay can be incredibly, and seeing your motor in all of its glory, knowing it will be put through its paces, is a beautiful sight. It’s also one of the key areas judged at car shows. A styled engine bay is a great way for you to get your car recognized by the crowd and judges alike.

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What Are Mustang Engine Dress Up Parts?

Mustang engine dress up parts typically consist of:

  • Plenum and coil covers
  • Radiator covers
  • Valve covers
  • Billet pieces
  • Hood struts

Sometimes dress up parts are packaged together and sold as a bundle, but more often than not they are sold individually. Engine dress up parts do not impact performance, negatively or positively. They are simply a cosmetic upgrade that can help give your pony a new personal look. Upgrading the engine bay from the factory format is a necessity for enthusiasts who like going to car shows as you’ll want to have your hood popped to let everyone get a glimpse at your ‘Stang’s heart.

2011-2014 Mustang Chrome Cap kit

What Are Mustang Plenum and Coil Covers?

Mustang plenum and coil covers go over the intake and coil packs of your engine. Typically made from a composite of heat resistant materials, plenum and coil covers give your engine bay a smooth and cohesive look, hiding some of the wires and bolts you would normally see. 

There are multiple coil cover options that come in a variety of colors with different logos or finishes. Some enthusiasts will get these custom painted or “dip” them a custom color or design (usually to match their Mustang’s body paint).

What Are Mustang Radiator Covers?

Mustang radiator covers are that bit of composite material right where the hood latches shut at the very front of the car, stretching across the whole front of the car (under the hood). There are not many options for customization here other than getting ones that are either painted to match your car (instead of the plain black color) or are made from carbon fiber. Like the coil covers, some enthusiasts elect to have custom painting or designs added to give an extra special look to their Mustang.

2015-2017 Mustang with a Billet Fuse Box Cover
2015-2017 with a Billet Fuse Box Cover

What Are Mustang Valve Covers?

Similar to the coil covers, valve covers go over the side parts of the engine (where the valves are), above the cylinder heads. Valve covers can be bought in a wide select of colors and designs, with almost all of them bearing some display of the word “Ford”. Valve covers are probably one of the most popular parts for 2011 Mustang owners.

What Are Mustang Billet Pieces?

Mustang billet accessories replace a lot of the stock hardware with chrome/billet pieces. These can include: 

  • Oil cap
  • Brake fluid cap cover
  • Radiator cap cover
  • Washer fluid cap
  • The dipstick handle
  • Fuse box cover
  • Battery cover

It is common for many of these items to be found bundled together in a kit; however, you can buy all of them individually. Almost all of them have a design or logo on them such as the famous tri-bar logo or the word “Mustang”, and most have some kind of indication (whether it be an image of the word) of what that piece is to/for.

2005-2010 GT Mustang with Color Matching Plenum Cover
2005-2010 GT with Color Matching Plenum Cover

Mustang Hood Struts

Now is the time to ditch that annoying prop-up rod for your hood and get a set of gas-powered hood struts. They usually come in a chrome or black finish and do wonders for cleaning up the underhood appearance. Installed in about an hour, hood struts are essential to showing off what your Mustang is packing. Not having that annoying obstruction to dance around when wrenching inside the engine bay is another added bonus.

One thing to be sure of is the struts you choose will be functional with an aftermarket hood. Hood struts that do not utilize the factory bolt locations and aftermarket hoods that do not have these bolt holes may have to be drilled or fabricated. Getting yourself a set of struts that use factory bolt locations on a stock hood is a good way to avoid the headache of drilling while still providing a powerful, sturdy lift. Hood struts are one of those feel good mods that just make life easier, leaving you praising your decision over time.

2005-2014 Mustang with Hood Struts

What is the Best Painted Part for My Engine Bay?

The pre-painted radiator center and extension cover kit is a great way to tie together your engine bay and fill up some of the empty space with a unique product. They are a simple bolt-on made of high impact ABS for durability and designed to fit perfectly. They’re painted with the same base coat and clear coat urethane that Ford uses on the exterior of your Mustang for a perfect color match.

How Easy Is It to Install Mustang Engine Dress Up Parts? 

Mustang engine dress up parts are one of, if not the easiest mod to install. Most of the parts snap on or off with ease, while some may require a mounting tape or screw to hold it in place. Either way, installing engine dress up parts on your Mustang is an easy install no matter how skilled you are with a wrench.

2005-2009 Mustang with a Color Matching Radiator Cover

Tie It All Together

Pulling up to a car show and popping your hood is one of the best feelings. It gets even better when you find other motor heads loving your underhood styling. Engine dress up mods do a great job at complementing each other. The hood struts really help to give everyone a clear view of the engine bay. With the hood wide open, chrome underhood dress up can grab the attention of everyone passing by. These mods can also set you apart from the rest. While everyone else has the black factory radiator cover, having a painted radiator cover will reveal your attention to detail while also hiding most of that ugly factory appearance. The best part about engine dress-up mods is that you can do them one at a time or all at once.

2005-2009 Show Stopping Mustang
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