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Mustang Fog Light Upgrade Guide

Written By: Andrew Cilio

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Fog lights are as much about seeing what is in front of you as they are style, so upgrade your current fog lights to something that is not only more visually appealing, but also lights up the night much better than the stock fog lights.

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Just like everything else on the Mustang, you can customize and modify your fog lights. Due to how long the Mustang is to the ground (even on the stock suspension), the fog lights don’t make a whole world of difference to your visibility as is, so you can either remove them or upgrade them to function better than stock. This guide will go over your options for upgrading your Mustang’s fog lights.

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How Can I Upgrade My Mustang’s Fog Lights

Depending what your final goal is, you can upgrade your Mustang’s fog lights a variety of ways such as:

•    Deleting them with an aftermarket grille
•    Replacing the bulbs
•    Replacing the light itself for an LED version
•    Halo lighting
•    Yellow rally lights
•    Smoking the lenses

Deleting Your Mustang’s Fog Lights

A common mod for a lot of Mustang owners is to delete the fog lights. The easiest way to delete a set of fog lights is to replace the grille with an aftermarket one that doesn’t have openings/mounts for the lights. All you do is remove the lights and undo the wiring, tucking up the connectors leaving a smooth look.

If you can’t quite come to terms with deleting your fog lights, there are some aftermarket grille setup that allow you to tuck them up behind the grille, hidden from plain sight. They can still function (albeit worse than the did prior), but it does give you a unique look.

Mustang Fog Light Bulb Replacements

If you are looking to increase the overall brightness of your Mustang’s fog lights without replacing the whole unit, you can replace the bulbs. Replacing the bulbs in your fog lights is relatively inexpensive and will drastically improve the brightness of your fog lights. Swapping out the stock bulbs is an easy install and a necessary part of maintenance, as your Mustang gets older.   

Aftermarket Mustang Fog Lights

Swapping out the stock fog lights for aftermarket ones will subtlety alter the look of your front end and improve your visibility at night and in foggy conditions. Many aftermarket Mustang lights use LED technology for a brighter more efficient light that last much longer than the factory incandescent lighting.

Aftermarket Mustang fog lights can come just as a standard singular bulb, a grouping of multiple small LED bulbs, or also with a Halo light. Halo lights feature a bright LED light that runs around the edge of the fog light, with the bulb in the center still functioning, giving a very menacing look to your Mustang.

How Do I Smoke Or Tint My Mustang’s Fog Lights?

Smoked or tinted fog lights can be achieved one of two ways on a Mustang. You can replace the whole fog light itself for one that is brighter and has a smoked lens or you can take your existing light and add tint to it. Light tint applies a slender layer of vinyl tint over your fog light to give it that sleek look without diminishing the functionality or usefulness of your fog lights.

Yellow Mustang ‘Rally’ Lights

A growing trend that began with European rally cars is converting your standard plain fog lights to yellow rally lights. While mostly an appearance upgrade, yellow fog lights supposedly help improve visibility in rainy and foggy conditions, but really any difference is negligible.

Is It Legal To Drive With My Mustang’s Fog Lights On?

It is legal to drive with your Mustang’s fog lights on as this isn’t against any law and the light isn’t interfering with your primary lights. The only way you could get in trouble for it is if your Mustang’s fog lights were improperly aligned/adjusted and shooting higher than they should be. Otherwise, you may have your fog lights on whenever you would like.

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