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Mustang Quarter Window Upgrades Explained

Written By: Lisa Schaefer

The iconic design of the Mustang has always incorporated quarter windows right behind the front windows. Early Mustang racecars incorporated different quarter window looks that either “deleted” it, gave it aerodynamic louvers, or scoops. Many late model Mustang owners have taken to adding quarter window upgrades to their Mustang, adding a retro look to their modern ‘Stangs. This guide will go over the different quarter window options your Mustang has.

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Different Types Of Mustang Quarter Window Upgrades

There are several different quarter window styles you can choose from:

•    Delete panels
•    Scoops
•    Louvers

Delete panels are a flat panel that covers the quarter window making it look like the window doesn’t exist and it is just part of the body; these can come unpainted in black or match your Mustang’s paint. Quarter window scoops are a smooth panel that is bulged out from the body like it is sucking in air (which is what they were originally designed to do), but they are ultimately a non-functional cosmetic piece. Quarter window louvers look like rear window louvers as they are a small section of repeating flat panels, originally created to improve air flow and add a much more aggressive look to the side profile.

Pre-Painted VS Unpainted Mustang Quarter Window Upgrades

When adding quarter window panels/scoops/louvers, you’ll often have the option of going pre-painted or maintaining an unpainted black finish. Pre-painted parts are designed to match your Mustang’s factory color and create a complete look as it extends the bodylines.

Sticking with an unpainted black finish adds a more menacing and intimidating look to your Mustang. Unless you have a black Mustang, anytime you add black exterior styling parts you will be creating a more contrasting look that will ultimately look more intimidating—definitely one of the more popular styles.

How Hard Is It To Install Quarter Window Parts On A Mustang?

Installing quarter window mods to your Mustang is relatively easy as almost all kits use double sided 3M automotive tape. Incredibly strong and long lasting, 3M automotive tape is used by Ford and most other major automotive makers as it is very durable. Almost no quarter window louvers or any other upgrade require drilling or permanent modification.

Can Mustang Quarter Window Upgrades Be Functional?

While 99% of your quarter window upgrades are strictly styling focused, there are some available that offer functionality. Usually a mod reserved for dedicated racecars that don’t see any street time, you can modify your quarter window to channel in cool air to your cabin or even use that cool air for cooling. This requires extreme, non-reversible modification and really only makes sense for serious racers.

Can I Modify My Mustang’s Quarter Window Louvers To Roll Down?

Although many enthusiasts would love to be able to roll down their Mustang’s quarter windows, there is currently no solution to make that a possibility. Even though you can’t roll them down, there are kits available that allow you to modify you quarter window’s to pop out on a hinge to allow some airflow through. Despite not being able to fully roll them down, you can at least pop them open with enough room to be able to fit your fist through the opening.

Interior Window Covers

Whether you are planning on installing quarter window louvers or are only looking for a way to tint your windows, interior window covers will fulfill your needs. Like blackout decals, interior window covers block out the rear quarter windows of your Mustang. These covers come in different styles, allowing you to match your interior or add an accent color, such a brushed aluminum. Both blackout decals and interior window covers are inexpensive mods that can add a lot of aesthetic value to any Mustang.​

Mustang Quarter Window Blackout and Sticker Decals

Blackout decals can serve two different purposes:

  • They hide window louvers from view when inside the car 
  • To style the car and prevent people from peering into your Mustang

Whatever your reason for covering up your quarter windows, both stickers and decals are easy to install and add flash to any Mustang. Stickers and blackout decals are the cheapest way to utilize your quarter windows. They're a must-have if you are installing window louvers and do not want to be left staring at them from inside the car.

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