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Mustang Suspension Bushings: the Pieces Behind the Scenes

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Going from a stock (possibly rotted out bushings) to performance oriented bushings makes a world of difference on how you drive your Mustang down your favorite back roads. Do you have a favorite windy road? If not, you soon will.

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When Mustang owners think of upgrading their suspension, the first thing that comes to mind is usually springs. They are followed by lower control arms, subframe connectors, etc. However, one of the most important parts one can upgrade are the bushings. There are many different types for different applications. While a bushing type may be fantastic for a track car, it would not be optimal for a daily driver. In this article, we will cover multiple types of bushings and where they are most commonly used.

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What Can Bushings Do for Me as far as Improvements?

Bushings benefit in all ways. They can reduce wheel hop, increase cornering, and produce a smoother ride. While certain types of bushings can create more noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) within the vehicle, some of them have no drawbacks at all other than the few hours of downtime it takes to install them.

What Type of Bushings Come from the Factory?

From the factory, the bushings are a rubber material. These bushings are primarily meant to last and be durable. While from an everyday, casual driver’s perspective they're fantastic, but they tend to suffer on the performance side. As a result, stock Mustangs are plagued with wheel hop from the poor performance bushings.

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Boss 302 Front End Bushing Kit

What Types Bushings Are There? Which One to Pick?

For starters, the best thing to do is determine your end goal for your Mustang. Being a little stiffer to be used on the street is different than being a little stiffer to be used on the track. Below are the most common types of bushings used on Mustangs today.

  • Rubber: As previously stated, rubber bushings are used for the most longevity and casual, non-competitive driver. These bushings are from the factory, and can cause a lot of wheel hop.
  • Polyurethane: Also known as poly bushings, these are a great upgrade. While they're not the stiffest bushings manufactured, they're an ample upgrade from the factory rubber. They give slightly more NVH than rubber bushings, and they do need to be greased every few months, however. These are fantastic for a daily driver.
  • Spherical Bushings: a better type of bushing than a poly, they are fantastic for drag launches and perform quite well in all applications. Their main drawback is simply the amount of increased NVH, primarily the noise. For a daily driver they are not the most optimal. The noise tends to get quite irritating. That being said, many do it without complaints. 
  • Aluminum: similar to poly bushings in that they are great all-arounders. They're stiffer than poly bushings however and have a little more NVH. While it takes a little bit of time, they are susceptible to corroding as well. If you're a road racer though, they can withstand much higher temperatures than rival bushings, fantastic for when the rear end generates a lot of heat.

A Bushing Summary

Bushings, while not a mod generally in the spotlight, can make or break a Mustang’s performance. They are the middle man when it comes to body/chassis to suspension connections. There are many different types of bushings you can use. The selection should not only be based on the application, but driver preference as well. One thing is for certain though, anything is better than the factory bushings for performance!

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