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What Suspension Mods Do I Need to Drag Race My S550?

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There's a lot to a drag Mustang aside from big tires. The proper combination of suspension parts can shave down quarter mile times just as well as extra horsepower under the hood.

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While horsepower and torque are important if you want to get lightning fast time slips, a good suspension set up is critical for getting all of your power to the ground efficiently. Without a good foundation, you’ll spend more time spinning your wheels and wheel hopping your way down the track. This wasted traction will keep you from getting your that awesome time slip!

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Here is a Quick and Dirty Guide to What You Should do for Your S550

Street/Strip Mustang

  • Polyurethane cradle bushings
  • Polyurethane differential bushings
  • Delrin/spherical vertical links
  • Polyurethane lower control arm bushings

Track Only/Max Performance

  • Aluminum or delrin cradle bushings
  • Aluminum or delrin differential bushings
  • Delrin/spherical vertical links
  • Spherical lower control arm bearings

Subframe Cradle Bushings

The factory rear subframe comes with soft rubber bushings to maintain a quiet and comfortable ride for the less hardcore Mustang owners. As a performance enthusiast, you’ll understand that the squishy factory bushings are terrible for performance! The deflection allowed by rubber bushings will have your rear end hopping all over the place as you slam the gas pedal to the floor. The best way to combat this problem is to replace the factory subframe bushings with a set of polyurethane, delrin,or aluminum bushings. The polyurethane will give you the least increase in noise, vibration, and harshness so I would recommend them for a street car. Delrin and aluminum are much stiffer materials, so they will transmit more NVH and should be reserved for a track car, or for the enthusiast that doesn’t mind extra noise in the cabin.

Mustang Subframe to Body Bushing Kit

Differential Bushings

Much like the stock subframe bushings, the differential bushings have a ton of deflection in them. You should replace these rubber bushings with a polyurethane bushing on a street car, or if you have a dedicated track car aluminum or delrin would completely eliminate deflection.

Maximum Motorsports Polyurethane Bushings

Vertical Links

Another stock piece that is prone to deflection and will contribute to wheel hop are the vertical links. As the lower control arms move, these links move with them and will deflect under hard acceleration. Getting a set of links with stiffer bushings will reduce wheel hop, just like the subframe bushings will. These will not add as much NVH as the subframe bushings, so delrin or spherical bushings will work great on a street car, especially if you have polyurethane subframe bushings. You will have a wheel hop free car, with a very small increase in NVH.

2015 Mustang Vertical Links

Lower Control Arms

The factory lower control arms are actually quite stout and well made, but as you may have guessed they run squishy rubber bushings like the rest of the rear suspension. You can eliminate the rest of your wheel hop by replacing these with polyurethane bushings or a spherical bearing. The polyurethane bushings will still deflect a little bit, but will not increase the NVH as much as spherical bearings will.

2015 EcoBoost and a 2015 GT Mustang on a Trailer

Welcome to Consistent Launches!

Once you replace all of your factory rubber bushings with upgraded bushings you’ll be able to launch harder and faster with less deflection, leading to better times at the track. Even if your car is bone stock or heavily modified, you can benefit from upgrading your bushings and eliminate the horrible wheel hop that the new IRS system suffers from.

2015 GT Mustang Burning Rubber on a Launch
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