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Modding the S550 Interior: 2015+ Mustang Cabin Upgrades

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Personalizing your Mustang is part of the journey. Making your interior feel like a second home is entirely possible be adding or changing out a variety of interior pieces. You can also add functionality if you're building a track pony.

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The interior of the S550 Mustang is arguably the nicest and most refined interior that has ever been in any Mustang. This guide will go over all of the various customization options and mods you can make to your Mustang’s interior.

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Why Modify the S550 Mustang's Interior?

With an interior as nice and put-together as the S550’s, why would you want to mod it? Customizing the interior of your pony is part of the legacy of the Mustang. Since the first Mustang rolled out of the factory you could customize it to your liking, whether it was for race applications or for comfort. For the 2015 Mustang, there have never been more options or parts to upgrade, allowing you to tailor your interior to your liking. On the S550 Mustang you can mod:

  • The shifter
  • The seats
  • The steering wheel
  • The dash 
  • The lighting
  • The gauges
  • The floor mats
  • The pedals
  • The navigation system
  • The trim

S550 Mustang Shifter Options

If you drive an MT-82 equipped S550 you can modify the shifter as well as the shift knob. The stock shifter can be replaced with a short throw shifter that will make your shifts much shorter and feel firmer. This is a popular mod amongst racers as well as daily drivers as it enhances the overall driving performance of your S550. 

However, if you are just looking for a style upgrade to enhance the look of your pony, you can swap out the stock shift knob for an aftermarket one. This won’t give you any performance benefits like a short throw shifter will, however it will catch the judge’s eye at a car show.

S550 Mustang Hurst Shift Knob

S550 Mustang Seat Options

The stock seats on the S550 Mustang do a good job of holding you in place, especially if you opted for the Recaro seats. However, if you are looking for something that is a little bit different or an improvement of the stock setup, than you can replace your seats with a wide-selection of aftermarket options. For aftermarket seats you will need to replace the stock seat rails, but they can shed some weight from the S550, giving you enhanced acceleration and handling. If swapping out the seats is a mod too much for your liking, you can reupholster the stock seats to get a more comfortable, firmer feel. 

You can also shed weight and clean up the look of your interior by deleting the rear seats. A Mustang rear seat delete kit will transform your Mustang from a 2 2 seater into a sleek and lighter 2 seater.

S550 Mustang Fastback Rear Seat Delete Kit

S550 Mustang Steering Wheel Options

Depending on what you want to do with your S550 Mustang an aftermarket steering wheel can be a great way to get a grip on your performance. A popular option for 2015 Mustangs is the GT350 steering wheel. This replaces the stock wheel with an alcantara-finished wheel that will allow you to have a better grip on your wheel. The GT350 wheel as well as other aftermarket options will reuse the stock airbag, but it will replace the stock wheel with something with improved comfort and feel.

S550 Mustang Dash Options

If you are looking to make a big statement with your Mustang’s interior than upgrading your pony car’s dash is the best way to do it. An aftermarket dash kit will add a huge splash of color. A carbon fiber dash will also set your pony apart from the herd. Dash kits are typically easy-to-install with a bit of 3M tape and can make a night and day difference in little to no time at all.

Blue Dash Overlay for S550 Mustangs

S550 Mustang Interior Light Options

The factory interior lights on your Mustang can be replaced with aftermarket LED ones which will shine brighter than stock. You can replace the stock dome and foot well lights on the S550 Mustang with an LED alternative that will illuminate your interior with a “cool white” look and not the yellow haze of the stock lighting. LEDs also have a longer life in comparison to their halogens cousins, so you'll find yourself rooting around in the dark less often.

S550 Mustang Interior LED Lighting Versus Stock

S550 Mustang Gauge Options

It is important to know what is going on with your Mustang when you are running it hard or even cruising which is why adding gauges is a crucial mod. There are a variety of gauge options for the S550 Mustang that allow you to monitor everything from:

  • Oil pressure
  • Oil Temp
  • Voltage
  • Air/fuel ratio
  • Boost
  • Vacuum pressure
  • Water temp
  • Exhaust gas temp 

You can also wrap everything all up into one with a multi-gauge so can monitor the activity of multiple systems of your Mustang. These gauges typically will either mount onto your dashboard, into your current gauge cluster, or even into your Mustang’s vent.

Dash View of an S550 Mustang with Aftermarket Gauges

S550 Mustang Floor Mat Options

It’s easy to track dirt and grime into the cabin of your Mustang, making it look older than it really is. Keeping it looking pristine is easy by swapping out the factory floor mats with an aftermarket set. Whether you're striving to keep a close to stock look or replacing them with a rubberized material that will trap dirt, water and grime, you can protect your investment with a wide array of floor mat options for your S550.

Shelby GT Floor Mat for S550 Mustangs

S550 Mustang Pedal Options

The pedals of your S550 is where all the magic happens. Where your desires to go faster come to fruition. Upgrading the pedals will be a subtle, yet effective way to revamp the look of your interior. Yeah, everyone may not notice it, but it is one of those mods that will stand out every time you hop in the cabin. For 2015 Mustangs, the pedals themselves are not swapped out, but rather you add pedal covers that up the style of your interior.

S550 Mustang Navigation System Options

As technology in the car world continues to progress, an ever growing popular option that has infiltrated the Mustang’s interior is navigation systems. While some S550’s came equipped with a navigation system from the factory, not everyone was lucky enough to get one. However, that is no reason to fret! You can add a navigation system to the interior of your pony with one of the many options available. A navigation system will clean up the look of the interior while also adding incredible functionality that can guide you wherever you need to go—whether that's your next road trip or car show.

S550 Mustang GPS Navigation Unit

S550 Mustang Trim Options

The interior of the S550 Mustang looks incredibly refined from the factory, but overall can be a bit bland. Adding a personal touch that reflects your tastes and personality is a simple mod away when you swap out the trim. You can replace everything from the arm rests and center console, to the trim around vents, door switches, light switches, speaker trim, start button, and even the coin tray. You can add styling to everything you touch or see in the interior of your Mustang that will give you a one-off pony.

Blue, Carbon Fiber Inlays for S550 Mustangs
Fitment includes: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, GT, V6, EcoBoost, ShelbyGT350