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2015 Mustang Air Intake Options

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There are a surprising number of ways you can modify your Mustang's intake. From a better flowing filter to upgrading the piping. No matter which you chose they're easy to install and give you a boost in power.

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Swapping the original air intake on a Mustang for an aftermarket version is a very popular first modification. In regards to the new S550 generation of Mustangs, this remains no different. Whether you have a GT, V6 or EcoBoost ‘Stang, there are several options to choose from.

American Muscle

S550 Cold Air Intakes - an Overview

A CAI (as they are commonly referred to on the ‘net) also does away with the stock airbox, but works on a slightly different principle as compared to a short ram intake. The system design behind a cold air intake takes more of a scientific approach – molecular, if you will. A CAI will place the filter (also conical) in an area where it can breathe cooler air; such as the fender-well or down towards the bottom of the bumper. Colder air, being denser, will have more oxygen per unit of volume. With more oxygen, we can add more fuel for combustion and make more power. 

The one major disadvantage of a cold air intake is that it may place the filter in a location where there is a higher risk of encountering debris or ingesting water. Particularly in snowy regions, water ingestion can be problematic. Cold air or short ram, with or without tuner – these are the options we have to choose from:

  • Cold Air Intake (CAI)
  • Short Ram Intake (SRI)
  • Intake & Tuner Combos

2015 EcoBoost Mustang Cold Air Intake

What is a Short Ram Intake And How Does it Work? (SRI)

The idea behind a short ram intake is to remove restriction along the inlet path. The air intake path for the S550 Mustang starts at the resonator box, passes through the filter and then along the inlet tract to the intake manifold. The purpose of the resonator box is to silence the incoming air – which it does a great job of doing. Unfortunately, this box also adds extra restriction to the system (if you recall the Foxbody days, a highly popular modification was to remove the rubber air inlet silencer – good for 5HP and a bit of noise!). 

The short ram intake will do away with this resonator all together and in its place leave a high-flow conical filter connected to a shorter inlet tract. The short tube design of short ram intakes again is used to remove restriction. By having less distance to flow, there naturally will be less bends and less chance for the incoming air to be disturbed.

Short ram systems place the air filter inside the engine bay, where it is out of harm’s way in terms of debris and water. On the downside, once the engine bay has heated up, the system will be drawing in warmer air.

2015 Mustang GT JLT Performance Intake

S550 Mustang Tuner & Intake Combos

The modern Mustang engine line-up is pretty high tech. Not only mechanically, but even more so electronically. With a plethora of sensors monitoring every little detail, the data and algorithms being crunched every second is simply astounding. This makes the engine a very fine tuned beast, sensitive to the smallest changes. Aftermarket intake manufacturers have begun packaging a tuner with their intakes in order to really maximize the gains from the difference in air flow.

When an intake is packaged with a tuner, the idea behind the tuner is to re-program the engine parameters to better accommodate the changes in air flow that the intake will provide. Be it greater flow, a temperature difference, higher velocity air etc., the ECU needs to know about it. Without adjusting these parameters, the ECU may not take full advantage of the intake, leaving power on the table, or worse yet, could possibly lead the motor to run worse. Even the Ford Racing system comes with a Pro-Cal tuner to accommodate for the intake, just so you know this isn’t bogus!

Now, on the other hand, what if the intake doesn’t come with a tuner? Would the engine explode, would a black hole develop and devour this planet leaving naught a trace? Probably not. Intakes without an accompanying tuner are a simpler version of their tuned brethren. It could be advantageous to have these tuned separately but it isn’t necessary to maintain proper engine operation. Rather, they won’t produce the same gains as would an intake/tune combo.

Airaid Cold Air Intake with a Tuner
Fitment includes: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, GT, V6, EcoBoost, ShelbyGT350