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What Are the Benefits of a Cold Air Intake and Tuner Combo on a 2015 Mustang?

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A cold air intake is usually the first mod for most performance enthusiasts. An easy way to go further with a simple mod is pair it with a tuner. The same tuner will also help calibrate further mods so all of your future parts will work in tandem.

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If you're looking for simple mods, a cold air intake is one of the simplest. Paired with a tuner, you can make your computer see all of the new air coming in and be able to compensate for it.

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What is a Tuner?

A tuner is a device that stores and transfers updated engine calibrations to your Mustangs computer. Using a tuner on your Mustang is like unlocking a totally different car. The custom tunes are more aggressive than the factory calibration, so you get more horsepower, torque, a more responsive throttle, and improved drivability. Mustang owners with automatic transmissions will also reap the benefits of firmer, faster shifting from the transmission. For those of you concerned with fuel economy, customs can also give you a slight 1-2 MPG bump over stock as well! With just a custom tune, you can really bring out the extra power that Ford left on the table. Average gains for the GT are around 25-30 rear wheel horsepower and 35-40 rear wheel torque, the EcoBoost will see around 40-45 horsepower and over 60 foot pounds of torque!

BAMA Performance Tuner Being Loaded Onto a Mustang

What is a Cold Air Intake?

A cold air intake is an upgraded version of your stock air box. They come with a larger diameter intake tube, which also provides a smoother and more direct path to the throttle body. The filter is also washable, reusable, and less restrictive than the original paper filter. Some cold air intakes also have an enclosed filter that only pulls air from your 2015’s grille, giving you the coolest air available and sealing out the hot air from the engine bay. A cold air intake alone will give you about a 10 HP/TQ boost over the stock air box, and definitely helps to make your engine bay look better.

2015 EcoBoost Cold Air Intake

Why Should I Get a CAI/Tuner Combo?

Most aftermarket cold air intakes available for the 2015 Mustang have a larger diameter mass air housing. When you increase the size of the MAF housing you have to update the PCM calibration to compensate, otherwise the computer will not get an accurate reading for the incoming air. If you don’t compensate for the increased air flow, you can cause engine damage. By installing a cold air intake and a custom tune on your Mustang at the same time, you ensure that your Mustang is running safely and efficiently, and you also maximize the performance gains. If you install a cold air intake by itself, you’re leaving power on the table because your Mustang will not be able to take full advantage of the increased air flow. Installing a cold air intake/tuner combo is the first step any Mustang owner should take when upgrading their car.

Airaid Mustang Intake with BAMA Performance Tuner

Installing a CAI/Tuner Combo

The installation is a breeze, only taking about 30 minutes from start to finish with basic hand tools. The tunes come preloaded on the tuner for you, and require no additional input. There is no need to worry about screwing anything up when tuning, it’s all taken care of for you by the experts at Bama! The gains from the combo also give you a great value, offering the cheapest way to boost your Mustangs performance by 30-40 horsepower, and improving the fuel economy as well. One thing to consider when shopping for a tuner, is that flashing the cars PCM can void your powertrain warranty. If you are concerned with keeping your warranty, you should hold off on a tuner.

You should pick up a CAI/Tuner Combo if you're looking for:

  • Improved horsepower and torque
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Simple installation
  • Are not concerned with potentially losing your warranty
2015 Mustang GT with Airaid Intake Installed
Fitment includes: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, GT, V6, EcoBoost, ShelbyGT350