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Exterior Decal Options For Your S550 Mustang

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Making your Mustang stand out from the crowd is the main reason to stylize your Mustang with decals and graphics. There are a slew of options to choose from, so you can make your Mustang uniquely yours.

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One of the easiest ways to make your 2015+ Mustang look badass is to customize its exterior. Adding decals to your S550 makes for a unique look and will have everyone hawking your ride!

American Muscle

S550 Mustang Decal Options

There have been a lot of Mustangs produced since the 1960’s which has lead to there being a dozen different ways to stylize your pony. Different design trends have been born from Ford MoCo’s different specialty Mustangs; however, there has also been a lot of innovation from the aftermarket. Companies like MMD, Shelby, and AmericanMuscle have all created an assortment of different exterior decal options to turn your plan-jane Mustang into that sweet stallion you always dreamed it could be. As far as what you can actually add, you have the option to customize your Mustang with:

  • Light and Window Tint
  • Hood Decals
  • Decklid and Rear Bumper Decals
  • Roof Decals
  • V-Series Stripes
  • Lemans Stripes
  • Super Snake Style Stripes
  • Side Stripe Decals
  • Fender Hash Marks
  • Rocker Stripes
  • Quarter Window Covers
  • Window Banners
2015 Mustang AM Quarter Window Decal
Mustang AM Quarter Window Decal

S550 Mustang Light and Window Tint

Adding light and window tint to your Mustang will make a night and day difference of its overall look. Now, light tint can catch some flack for making your lights not perform as well as they did, but you can still have incredible night time visibility from your head lights, tail lights, and side markers without really sacrificing their brightness.

Chances are, you won’t notice a difference is how bright your headlights are with a little bit of a tint on them, but you will notice a much more aggressive look on your Mustang. Adding smoked tint to your headlights, tail lights, third brake light, side marker lights, reverse light, puddle lights, and side mirror lights will allow the design cues of the rest of your Mustang standout without being distracting. 

To really take it up to another level, you can add blackout tint to your quarter windows to give your Mustang a menacing look. In reality, those windows don’t do much for helping you see, and if you’re a passenger in the back you really can’t see much out of them. It's a win-win situation! They're the perfect target to black out with some window tint.

2015 Mustang Headlight Tint
Mustang Headlight Tint

S550 Mustang Hood Decals

If you are really looking to flex your (American) muscles with something other than your Mustang’s engine then you need to rock a set of hood decals to your Mustang. The Mustang has an incredibly long hood, which in turn is a lot of blank real estate for you to add some custom flair. 

The S550’s hood has great lines that are easy to callout with some simple, easy to install vinyl graphics. Whether you want to point out the center lines with some hood decals, or show the width of the body with some outer hood strips, you can make your pony stand out with a minimal amount of modding.

If you are looking to be a bit more up front with your S550’s styling then you can go with hood decal that fills the center portion of your hood, drawing out the raised structuring of the 2015 Mustang’s hood. If subtleness is your thing, then you need hood accent decals, calling out the functional hood vents.

2015 Mustang Hood Decal Matte Black
Matte Black Mustang Hood Decal

S550 Mustang Roof Decals

In case you didn’t figure it out by now, pretty much every inch of the Mustang is up for customization, and yes that even includes the roof. You pretty much have two options when it comes to accessorizing your roof. You can go with roof panel decal that will be a solid strip of color in the center part of your roof (taking up a majority of it) or you could go with roof decal accents, which just highlight the body lines with a pin stripe wide vinyl.

2015 Mustang Black Roof Accent Stripe
Mustang Black Roof Accent Stripes

S550 Mustang V-Series Stripes

If you fell in love with the look of AmericanMuscle’s V-Series 2015 Mustang, than you can take design cues from it with the V-Series Mustang Stripes. V-Series Stripes run down the roof like lemans stripes, but they tapper inwards like fangs as they run down the hood. Like a snake ready to strike, V-Series Stripes make for a mean look for your Mustang.

2015 Mustang Gloss Black MMD V-Series Stripes
Mustang Gloss Black V-Series Stripes

S550 Mustang Lemans Stripes

Although the 2015 Mustang ditched the nostalgic look the 2005-2014 Mustang made popular, the classic design stylings still look good on the S550 body style. One of those core styles are lemans stripes which look just as good on the S550 as they did on the Mustangs of the 60s. Lemans Stripes run down the hood and over the roof in an equal length design.

2015 Mustang Black Lemans Stripes
Mustang Black Lemans Stripes

S550 Mustang Shelby Super Snake Style Stripes

One of the most badass looks you can give your Mustang is adding a Shelby American created look with a set of super snake style stripes. Shelby super snake style stripes are in your face with their wide center stripe and two side pin stripes that run parallel up the center of the S550 body.

2015 Mustang Matte Black Super Snake Style Stripe
Mustang Matte Black Super Snake Stripe

S550 Mustang Side Stripe Decals

Side stripe decals call attention to the bodylines of the S550. Running down the side of your Mustang, side stripes can either come as a set of two parallel accent lines, calling out the curvature of the body or as “C” type stripe that shoots down the top of the door, cuts down the front quarter panel, and back down the bottom of the door. This is a look the Boss 302 Mustang made popular.

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