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The Importance of S550 Adjustable Toe Rods

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The S550's IRS suspension, like any other automotive system, can be improved and altered to a driver's style. From bushings to fully adjustable toe links, each piece contributes to your Mustang's feel and handling.

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Toe rods are a vital component of any independent rear suspension system. With IRS being the new standard on the Mustang, knowing exactly how to make the most of it's individual parts will help you maximize your Mustang's handling potential.

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What are Mustang Toe Rods? What do they do?

Similar to front tie rods, toe rods work by keeping the rear wheel toe settings within specification. Having your toe set accurately will ensure your tires have a long and happy life, and the steering characteristics of your Mustang are not negatively affected by improper alignment. When toe settings are set incorrectly, your tire will drag or skip along the road surface instead of smoothly rolling. This dragging causes tire wear and negative steering traits. Irregular toe settings will destroy tires in a very short amount of time. A common misconception is camber is the real threat to tires, but toe is far worse.

s550 Mustang Adjustable Toe Links
Mustang Adjustable Rear Toe Links

Can I Keep My Stock Toe Rods?

Factory toe rods were designed with the intention of maintaining alignment with factory suspension components. When you modify your Mustang's suspension with products like lowering springs, you may end up needing adjustment outside of the range of the factory toe rods. Stock toe rods have a very small range of adjustment and can be prone to slipping if not installed and set correctly. By upgrading to a set of adjustable toe rods, you give the person performing your alignment greater control over the end result, and making it easier for them to hit their target alignment specs accurately.

S550 Mustang Stock Toe Link
Mustang Stock Toe Link

Important Toe Rod Features

A properly designed toe rod will exhibit a few key features that promote optimal performance:

  • Threaded adjusters for maximum adjustment and easy adjustment
  • Bearings instead of polyurethane or rubber bushings to eliminate deflection, reducing negative toe changes during suspension operation
  • Bolt lockout plates to prevent bolt slip and changing alignment specs after they have been set

The most important aspect of a toe rod is obviously going to be its range and ease of adjustability. When shopping for a toe rod, be sure to choose one with a threaded adjuster. Threaded adjusters are more accurate, easier to use, have greater adjustment range, and are not prone to slip like toe rods that utilize eccentric bolts. You should also consider choosing a toe rod that has a bearing on it instead of a polyurethane bushing. This will allow the toe rod to properly articulate and will reduce toe deflection during suspension travel. Keeping your toe consistent will go a long way to maintaining proper steering properties of your Mustang. Finally, a quality set of toe rods should include, a set of lockout plates for the bolts. These plates prevent bolt slip after installation, which would ruin your alignment settings. They eliminate the factory adjustment bolts; all adjustments are then made on the toe rod. Lockout plates are used to minimize to change and deflection from the factory bolt slipping and losing adjustment. We recommend lockout plates if you have more than stock horsepower, or if you're running soft compound tires.

S550 Mustang Adjustable Toe Link
S550 Adjustable Toe Link

Additional Toe Rod Benefits

Along with improved tire wear, more consistent alignment, and steering response, you should expect to see a reduction in wheel hop as well. Toe rods aren’t the most important part for reducing wheel hop, but every little bit of wheel hop reduction helps in a performance vehicle. Wheel hop is not only bad for performance, but can also be damaging to your rear differential if it is violent enough. Reducing wheel hop helps to protect your rear differential, and lets your Mustang plant its power to the pavement more effectively.

s550 Mustang Adjustable Toe Links
Mustang Adjustable Toe Links
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