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VMP X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuner w/ 3 Custom Tunes (15-17 GT Stock or w/ Bolt-On Mods)

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Features, Video & Details

  • SF4/X4 is the Newest Replacement for the Popular SF3/X3
  • Improves Power and Performance - Curve Gains of 24 RWHP / 24 RWTQ
  • On Screen Data Logging and Monitoring
  • Reads/clears DTC Trouble Codes
  • Full Color LCD Display with Auto Dim Feature
  • Built-in WiFi for Easy Updates
  • PC/Windows Compatible Only
  • Includes 3 Custom Files from VMP Tuning
  • Includes One Datalog Review (If Necessary)
  • Fits 2015-2017 Stock GT Mustangs with or without Basic Bolt-On Modifications

Review & Installation Video

Review & Install Video

Hey everybody, Justin with here with my review and Dyno test of the VMP SF4 X4 Flash tuner, loaded with three custom VMP tunes, available for your 2015 and up Mustang GT. Now the VMP option is definitely going to be a top tier tune option here at AM, and I think a good way to describe it would be a more refined product overall. It's really going to shine with those heavily modded full bolt-on setups, nitrous cars, and especially forced induction setups, and that's where VMP really earn their reputation. Now, with all that said, can you use this on a stock or a light bolt-on car? Absolutely. In fact, I would definitely say it's a solid option for you guys at home who know the VMP name and don't mind spending a few bucks extra compared to some other tune options here on the site. So why is the VMP going to be a top tier tune option here at AM? Well, they have been around in the tuning industry for quite some time now, and over that time they've of course developed their power, as we'll show you, on the Dynojet here in a little bit. But also during that time, they've really done their homework and dialed in great drivability. I think that's going to be the biggest separating factor when going with the VMP tune. It's a more refined product again. What does this mean for you? While driving the car around town, no idling issues, no surging issues, smooth throttle response. It's not going to be stalling out, things like that. And after driving the car myself I can attest to all these things. Again, around town the car idles and drives like a factory Mustang, but once you start laying into the throttle a little bit you can really feel the increased throttle response and the increased power throughout the RPM range. Now, as I mentioned at the top of this video guys, you are getting three tunes written by VMP ordered through us here at AM, a low, medium and high octane tune depending on what kind of fuel you have in your area. Now that lower octane tune, again you're going to see some benefits over your factory calibration, a little bit more power of course, definitely that improved drivability that I talked about a little earlier. But, it's not going to be as aggressive as their high octane tune which typically does utilize a little bit more timing and some other stuff to get you those bigger power gains. Also worth pointing out here guys, VMP does offer one data log revision with their tunes if necessary. As I mentioned at the top of this video again guys, you are getting a premium product here with the VMP tune and it is going to cost you a little bit more right off the bat. They do offer those slightly more in depth tunes such as your E85 tune, some nitrous applications, and even those forced induction tunes, but they will add a little bit more to the price tag when ordering. Also don't forget guys, these tunes are coming loaded on the SF4 X4 Power Flash tuner here which does have some nice notable features as well. Some of the biggies with the device do include the full data logging capabilities, nice bright full color LCD screen, the ability to read and display up to eight different values of your car at one time including RPM, intake air temperature, air fuel ratio boostings like that. It can hold up to 10 tunes at one time and it can read and clear those diagnostic trouble codes. When it does come time to upload your custom VMP tune, I think you'll find it's going to be one of the easier mods you're ever going to do to your new Mustang. We call it one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, but honestly I think that's being a little generous. First, you're going to locate your car's OBDII port. On the 2015 and up Mustangs, it's located on the lower left hand portion of the dash on the driver's side. Plug the tuner in and wait for it to power on. Navigate the menus, find the program vehicle tab and go ahead and select the tune you wish to upload. Follow the directions on the screen and you should be good to go in a few minutes from start to finish. We already ran our 2015 manual GT on our Dynojet behind me, established some baseline numbers and then we re-ran the car with the 93 octane VMP tune uploaded. Here's how the VMP tune performed. Baseline we're looking at 386 horsepower, 364 pound-feet of torque at the rear wheels. With the 93 octane VMP tune uploaded, the car is now making 402 horsepower, 375 pound-feet of torque, making for a peak gain of 16 horsepower over those baseline numbers and gains of as much as 24 horsepower, 24 pound-feet of torque under the curve. Breaking down the numbers a little bit guys, here's what I notice. These peak numbers are nice and all, but the big story with the VMP tune is the numbers underneath the curve, the gains underneath the curve. For instance, you're picking up a ton of torque down low in between 2,000 to 4,000 RPM, and you're picking up a bunch of power up high when it comes to horsepower. That low end torque, that's what you're going to feel red light to red light, merging onto the highway, things like that. On the flip side, that high end power is what you're going to feel when you really start winding out the car a little bit, getting into those upper RPM ranges and hitting the drag strip, things like that. Overall my final impressions of the tune driving the car, it pretty much mirrors the Dyno graph. I mean, I felt like the car was a little healthier down low and at the same time it really did come to life over 5,000 rpm. With the VMP tune, sure, you're paying a little bit more for it up front, but you're getting an established name that can pretty much handle anything from your bone stock or lightly modded GT all the way down to your big boost forced induction setup. Be sure to learn more about the VMP tunes for your S550 GT here at

  • Buy this Tuner & Submit your Mustang's Info
  • A VMP Tuning Calibrator will write custom tune files specifically for your Mustang & Mods
  • Load 'em on your Mustang and GO!

Increases Horse Power and Torque. From the factory, Ford programs their vehicles to cater to the needs of the daily driver, not the performance enthusiast who adds aftermarket bolt-on modifications in search of more power. That is why a custom tune file is so important, by optimizing the air/fuel ratio, adjusting ignition timing and tweaking variable cam timing, a VMP Tuning Custom Tune will squeeze out the extra power your aftermarket performance mods have to offer. Curve Gains of 24 RWHP / 24 RWTQ have been seen on bone stock 5.0L Mustangs with a VMP 93 octane tune.

VMP Custom Tunes. When you order a SCT SF4/X4 tuner, you aren't just getting a tuner - you are getting the tuner and 3 custom tunes that are written specifically for your Mustang and your particular modifications by VMP Tuning. VMP Tuning even provides one post sale datalog review (if necessary) to assure your Pony is running healthy and strong.

Compact Design. The SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner measures in at 2.7” wide X 5.5” tall making it much smaller than the original SF3/X3 for easy storage in your center console or glove box. The cord is detachable and there is no battery or power supply needed. It uses the power from your vehicle's diagnostic port or computers USB connection.

Full Color Display. The SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner features a full color 2-3/4" diagonal LCD screen with user adjustable portrait or landscape modes. The SF4/X4 also has a convenient power saving auto dim feature.

Built-in WiFi. The SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner is now WiFi-capable meaning you will no longer have to plug it into your PC/Windows computer to receive the latest SCT firmware updates.

Diagnostics. The SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner can also be used as a diagnostic code reader. Save yourself hundreds of dollars each year by reading and clearing your own trouble codes rather than paying a dealer to do the same. Its as easy as a few simple steps.

On Screen Data Logging and Monitoring. With a full color LCD display, the SCT SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner makes it EASY to read the Built-In Data Logging or Real Time Monitored Vehicle Data, view popular sensor data such as EGT, Air/Fuel Ratio or any other 0-5 Volt source.

Easy to load; easy to restore. When you load your custom tune on the vehicle, the tuner automatically stores your vehicle's factory settings. To return the vehicle to its factory settings, just plug the tuner back in, select the option to restore the factory settings, and you're done.

Application. This SCT X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuner with 3 custom tune files by VMP Tuning is specially designed to fit the 2015-2017 GT Mustang's equipped with the coyote 5.0L 4 valve V8 engine with or without basic bolt-on upgrade modifications such as a Cold Air Intake, Throttle Body and/or Full Exhaust System.

Application Notes. For Mustangs with basic bolt-on modifications see part# 389984, for fuel or nitrous upgrades see part# 389985, for aftermarket superchargers or cam swaps see part# 389986.

**Please Note: The SCT SF4/X4 Tuner ships blank from AmericanMuscle, the custom tune files will be emailed directly to the end user within 5-7 business days from VMP Tuning.

Fitment: 2015 2016 2017 Details

What's in the Box
  • (1) SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner
  • (1) USB PC Interface Cable
  • (1) OBDII Interface Cable
  • (3) VMP Tuning Custom Tune Files
Installation Info
Tech Specs

SCT SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner Features:

Chip/Handheld: Handheld Custom/Strategy: Custom tunes by VMP Tuning
Memory Size: 4 GB Custom Tunes Held: 10
Year: 2015-2017 GT Model: SF4/X4 Power Flash Mustang Custom Tuner
Manufacturer: SCT Special Features: Includes one datalog review from VMP Tuning
Will it fit my Mustang?
  • GT - 15, 16, 17

Intended for stock GT models with or without Bolt-On Modifications such as a Cold Air Intake, Throttle Body and/or Full Exhaust System.

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Questions & Answers (11)

5 Top Rated Questions

Hey if I tune my car stock and then get headers, intake manifold do I have to retune the car. 2016 mustang gt

Will a 2018 Mustang Gt with a resonator delete and headers qualify for the "Stock or w/ Bolt-On Mods" or "Mild Modifications"?

  • With those changes, it would qualify as "stock or w/ Bolt-On Mods"

Helpful (0)

Is this tuner capable of datalogging my vehicle so I can get a custom tune made for how my vehicle is reacting? For example idling, acceleration, cold starts, shift points, etc.

  • This VMP X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuner is capable of datalogging and VMP includes One Datalog Review if necessary.

Helpful (0)

I know this product comes with 3 tunes , now my question is , I have a 2017 gt manual trans and I have 47# injectors , jlt cai, gt350 mani , stock throttlebody waiting to be installed And I also plan going e85 but want a 91 tune also , do I gotta pay extra for that kind of tunes? Thanks.

  • You do not. Upon the ordering of the tuner you will fill in a fill-in-the-blank section of sorts explaining your tune files where you will list all of this information for VMP to write you the proper tunes.

Helpful (0)

If in the future I decide to go with a different tunes such Lund or one of the others available, can this device be reset to program those other tunes? 2017 5.0 automatic.

  • The VMP X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuner w/ 3 Custom Tunes can be tuned by any company capable of tuning a SCT device. The tuner itself is the SCT sf4/x4 which has been rebadged for VMP.

Helpful (0)
Post Your Question
6 More Questions
Will installing an VMP X4 tuner lower my fuel economy at all or all the time? If I keep my foot out of it will the fuel economy stay normal And is this the right choice for Borla cat back and a cold airraid intake Everyday driver Premium/Performance package 1 answer
Will this tune for gt350 intake manifold and throttle body? 1 answer
I just installed kooks 17/8 long tube catless headers with airraid CAI . Car won't stay on and sounds terrible but I know I need a tune for it . Will this tuner clear all codes on my cluster such as the see manual for maintenance that keeps popping up ? Also will the tune tell my computer to basically bypass the o2 sensors and run right and not burn fuel so rich ? All the information you can give me will be greatly appreciated as my car sits on jacks stands untill i get all the info I can together , Thankyou 1 answer
Is the Tuner compatible with the South African specification 2017 Mustang GT. 1 answer
Will it void the warranty on my car 1 answer
Can I use Bama Tunes on this Tuner? 1 answer

Customer Reviews (16) Write a Review

Overall Rating 4.1

out of 5 stars

  • Performance Gain 4.1875 4.2
  • Seat Of Your Pants Feel 4.375 4.4
  • Ease Of Use 4.5 4.5
  • Bang For Your Buck 4.375 4.4
  • Preferred Tune: Performance

  • 1/5

    May 26, 2018

    Extremely slow

    It’s been two weeks now and I still have yet to receive a tune . It’s a basic tune for a cai nothing extreme . Be warned if you use them To tune be prepared to have your scanner sitting for up to 3 weeks


    Year: 2015 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (2)

  • 5/5

    April 12, 2018

    New program for 2017

    Great product and very versatile. Being able to add different tunes as I build a more aggressive ride is a huge plus.


    Year: 2017 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (2)

  • 5/5

    August 23, 2017

    Amazing what just a Tune can do!

    So I've always been skeptical about "Main in tunes" like these, where they guarantee HP gains and improved performance. With just a catback exhaust, I got this tune to hopefully improve my 1/4 times and get a little more power out of my coyote. You see a lot of people say they "felt" a power increase but how do you really know it's not just their imagination? So, I did a before and after at the drag strip. Did 4 runs with stock tune, and 4 runs with VMP tune. My average 1/4 time with the stock tune was 13.021 @ 111.2 MPH(the best time being 12.88), and the average for the VMP tune was 12.802 @ 113.8 MPH. That's pretty significant, for having no bolt ons (apart from exhaust) and just a tune (unrevised). I'd say it's safe to say the VMP gave me more power, faster shifting, and resulted in better times. I can't wait until I get some more bolt ons and get a revised tune from VMP. In terms of drivability, its pretty smooth when dailying. Every now and then I'll get a weird shift or it'll act up a little (in a very minor way). But for the most part it runs like it did stock. VMP was able to give me my tune in 3 days from when I got the tuner. Keep in mind, if you have a 2017 Mustang you'll have to wait until you get your physical SCT tuner before you can request a custom tune. This is because the PCN (ECU) number will be located on the device and not the car. If you have a 2015/2016, you can have VMP start your custom tune once you order the device (by giving them your American Muscle order number and PCN number on the car). I'd say give VMP a shot. I wish I could upload my dyno sheets!


    Year: 2017 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (2)

  • 5/5

    July 24, 2017

    Vmp x4 tuner

    Just got my 1st tune from vmp for my 2015 gt has outlaw exhaust resenator delete and pmas 120mm cold air. What a difference in the car night and day and ease of installion was a breeze thanks again vmp and american muscle


    Year: 2012 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (2)

  • 5/5

    July 09, 2017

    FIrst time getting hands on with a tuner

    This tuner is really great, its easy to use and navigate and the screen is bright and crisp. The tunes load up relatively quick, about 3-5 mins and it is a hassle free process. Just follow the on screen prompts and its as easy as that! Datalogging is also easy. Start datalog and then hit record and plug into the computer. That simple. VMP is also a great company to work with, the tunes they provided me with really woke the car up. Like night and day with their 91/93 octane tune for my 120mm pmas. You cannot go wrong going with this tune and tuner combo for sure.


    Year: 2016 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (3)

  • 4/5

    May 19, 2017

    2017 GT 3.55 Gear

    I purchased this along with a PMAS air intake. I got a 93 performance tune and a 93 economy tune it took about 10 days to get the tune from VMP and customer the service was excellent. I haven't put my car on a Dyno but I got some pretty noticeable power and fuel economy gains. To be able to install the new tune on the X4 you must have a computer with Windows Vista 7 or 8 or 10.


    Year: 2017 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (3)

  • 5/5

    February 24, 2017


    I was skeptical about tuning my car. But since California only has 91 octane. Man this thing is awesome! Definitely feel the torque increase. It's amazing. Thank you VMP


    Year: 2015 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (4)

  • 5/5

    February 14, 2017

    Vmp x4/sf4

    Works great!! I was able to update the tuner and have it installed in my car within an hour. Very noticable. more responsive.


    Year: 2016 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (3)

  • 1/5

    January 13, 2017

    Stay away

    Idk how this worked for you all I got mine made my car start rough run weird everything it was a awful tune from my experience! I'd go Lund if you do mail order or dyno tune . Trust me


    Year: 2015 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (3)

  • 5/5

    January 10, 2017

    VMP X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuner - My First Tuner

    Being the first tuner I ever used I wasn't sure what to expect. I found it easy to use and navigate. Had to call for instruction on one basic item but that is just me being me. I'm one of those guys that need to know everything precisely before going forward with anything. Joe at VMP wrote my tunes. I was delighted that even over the holidays they came quickly. The download process is easy and quick. The upload to the Mustang was simple and straight forward, the performance increase is just insane. Coupled with an oiled CIA, long tube headers and a three inch exhaust this thing has really come alive. One word of advice..... buy some fat sticky tires!


    Year: 2016 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (3)

  • 1/5

    January 03, 2017

    Useless for 2017 gt

    Txt tech said this isnt compatible with my 17 Mustang so i returned it.


    Year: 2017 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (4)

  • 5/5

    November 17, 2016


    The tuner came in fast it was a buy that's worth the extra money compared to the bama tune not saying bama is bad but a very ford friendly tuner when compared to bama


    Year: 2015 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (3)

  • 4/5

    September 13, 2016

    easy to use

    was very easy to figure out how it works the demo videos helped a lot. for sure felt the difference and sound


    Year: 2016 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (3)

  • 5/5

    June 21, 2016

    SCT / VMP X4

    I had ran my car with just the outlaw cat back at the track on stock tires and managed a best time of 13.1 @ 109mph. After the tune which I went with a 91, 93, and a 100 octane tune to have written from vmp I used the 93 and install was super easy and ran a 12.6 @114 in the quarter mile. The drivabilty is great along with the performance gains .. Very responsive and everything is where it should be as far as Air Fuel ratio goes .. Timing you can tell had been advanced a lot compared to factory as when you hit the gas it has no hesitation and kicks you back in your seat. As far as VMP goes they actually were at a track I just happened to be at and introduced my self and told them.I was waiting on a tune from them and they said it usually takes 5 to 10 days but since I was there They hooked me up in 20 min. And offered to load the tune to the X4 along with the car that impressed me a lot and I give them and the tune a 5plus rating


    Year: 2015 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (3)

  • 4/5

    April 18, 2016

    Great power

    Great power add on. It came quick and American Muscle delivered the goods quickly and as promised it's a premium option. Car drives like a daily driver and can spank others on the road when needed.


    Year: 2015 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (3)

  • 5/5

    April 07, 2016


    I'm very happy with my VMP Custom Tuner/Tunes. The tunes were very easy to load from my computer and it only took a few minutes to do. Once I loaded the tunes, I immediately went to test the 'Beast' out. I was blown away with the amount of horsepower and torque that I felt! I have added the Airraid CAI and Flowmaster Outlaws series catback mufflers. I'm making close to 485 horsepower at the wheels!


    Year: 2015 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (4)

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