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HD Dashboard Automotive Camera (96-20 All)

Item 404413
AmericanMuscle no longer carries the HD Dashboard Automotive Camera (96-20 All). Please check out 2015-2020 Mustang Automotive Cameras for an updated selection.
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    Video Review & Installation

    Hey, guys. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at and installing the Waylen's HD Dashboard Automotive Camera, for all '96 and up Mustangs. So this is a camera for the dashboard of your car that not only can capture high quality video for you, but it also has a performance calculator built into it. So you can record your driving performance or your driving experience to improve on things, or it can help you make a video to help you remember an experience. This also tracks your car's performance at the same time as your driving. It costs right around $500. The install is a one out of three wrenches in the difficulty meter.Now, a couple things to point out before we show you guys how to install this, is that this camera has a continuous recording capability. It has 157-degree wide angle and it has a 1080p capability. It does have a fixed focus and it records in scenic mode. It also has nighttime recording mode too so that the quality that you're gonna get out of this picture is pretty amazing, to be honest with you. It can capture time lapse video and slow motion video too. It has an aluminum body with a seven-element lens assembly. It's gonna start and stop automatically, and you guys can time that with engine startup and shutdown. It does come with a video editing software to help make your videos look great, and you guys can also download a mobile app so that you can get your videos directly to your mobile phone and make it a little bit easier to share if you guys wanna share your videos on social media. As far as performance goes, this can record a mile an hour, quarter mile, and lap time for you too. Honestly, guys, this thing really is impressive and it has a lot of capabilities. So let's go ahead and show you how to install it in your car now. All right, guys, so there are a couple different pieces to this camera. Obviously, you have the camera itself, you have a charging cord that we're gonna need to plug in, you have an OBD2 connection as well. Now, if you guys want any information out of your computer, you're gonna need to plug this into the OBD2 port. This is gonna give you information like your RPM, your mile an hour, any boost information if it's relevant, mass airflow stuff, engine temperature stuff. So we're definitely gonna be plugging this in because this is what's gonna give you the overlay on top of your driving footage. We also have a really cool windshield mount here, and our little charging guy. So we're gonna be connecting all of this stuff, we'll get the camera on and we'll show you guys what's inside the camera too.First thing we're gonna do is plug into our OBD2 port. All right, so we'll reach down to our OBD2 port which is down here on this year Mustang. Depending on what year Mustang you guys have, the OBD2 port location is gonna change. We are currently installing on a 2011. So all of your newer Mustangs, your OBD2 port is gonna be down here on the left hand side. All right, guys, so this right here is your windshield mount and this is where it mounts to the camera. So this is a little bit tricky, you need to make sure that it's in the correct orientation. It's also just gonna pop right into place. So we're gonna go ahead, we'll line these up and we'll press the windshield mount. You'll hear it click into place on to the camera. All right, now we're going to plug in our charging cable. This plugs into the bottom of our windshield mount, or I guess the top of our windshield mount right here. We'll go ahead and grab our cable and plug it in.All right, guys, so we'll put the car charging in on to our cable here, and then we're going to find our cigarette lighter. Luckily, ours is right here. It's really convenient for us, and we'll go ahead and plug this in. All right, so once we plug into our charger, this thing is automatically gonna turn on for us. You guys can see the screen warming up. And basically, I'll say that if you guys can operate a smartphone, then you're gonna be able to figure this camera out pretty easy. It's basically just going to be a series of selecting, swiping left, swiping right, up or down. So you guys can see right away this is the picture that's showing. There's my hand here on the other side. We have a micro SD card in here, so the numbers at the top are telling us how much time we have left on the card. The numbers on the bottom are giving us stats. You guys can see our battery is just charging now. You guys can see at the very bottom here there are a couple dots so we know that when we're swiping, we can swipe to the right. It's going to show us a different screen. This right here is the first screen that this is gonna show us as far as connecting into our computer and giving us stats on our car. This is pitch and roll, so right now, you guys can see as I tilt this, you can see the camera calculating our pitch and roll. This is gonna be really cool for track days. We'll swipe one more time. This is telling us G-force, obviously. We're not doing anything cool right now, so we're at zero. This is going to be our engine temp. Our car is not on right now, more or less just showing you guys the screens. Keep going, it's gonna give us stats on our mass airflow. This is going to be our RPM, and this one right here is gonna be mile per hour. So if you want to monitor in real time as you're driving, this is how you're gonna be able to do that. If you just want to record and see what you're recording and then have your stats overlapped on top of the video at the end, then you can save that.So what we're gonna do real quick is swipe up. This is gonna give us a couple different selections. We can go into video, audio, display, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. So let's just take video, for instance. This thing is gonna record at 1080p, which means you're gonna be getting a really good picture. The quality right now is set to super high. You guys can change all of these if you'd like to. We have auto record on off. We're gonna back out of this, check out some of the audio settings here. You guys can see what we have on and off. Obviously, if this is to the green, that means that it's on. We'll go ahead and turn it off. Like I said before, if you guys can operate a smartphone, then you'll be able to figure this one out.We'll hit the X here. There's a lot of different display settings you guys can change, such as brightness, screensaver, and the rotation. Like I said, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And we have another screen here to the right: storage, the OBD2 gauges, the date and time, and the system. So if we look at our gauges, this is what our OBD2 plug-in is going to be able to tell us. It'll tell us speed, RPM, engine temp. I turned boost off because this car is naturally aspirated, it's not boosted, and mass airflow. You guys wanna turn boost on, that's how you do so, but you can go in here and select which stats you'd like this to record for you as you're driving. So if we head back out and go to our main screen, if you guys swipe down instead of up, this is your record button. So anytime you wanna start recording, swipe down, find the record button, and go ahead and hit that.These are just gonna be a couple more settings. We'll scroll to the left now and this is going to give us our quarter mile and our mile an hour stats. So this is pretty cool. It's another little feature of the camera here. You guys can utilize this to help you out with some of your performance driving. If we scroll once more to the left, this is going to give you your lap record. So the cool thing about this is this also has a built-in lap time review. So there's a lot going on within this camera. You guys can check that out if you'd want to. What we're gonna do is we're going to swipe back up and we're going to mount our camera to the windshield and show you guys some driving. All right, real quick, before we mount this to our windshield, I'm gonna flip the camera over and I'll show you guys something. This right here is where your little SD card goes in to. Like I said, we have one in there right now. We'll just cover that back up. And then this button on the bottom here actually allows you to capture photos. If you guys wanna snap a photo quick, all you have to do is reach up, hit the button and it'll snap a photo for you. And when you unload your card you'll be able to see that on the card. So in order to get this mounted, you guys are gonna peel the backing off of your windshield mount here. And you guys can mount this anywhere. We're gonna mount on the windshield, but you guys can mount on the back mirror if you want to. But for our purposes and just showing you guys real quick, we're gonna put this on the windshield. All right, so we're going to press this into place. I can see from the camera that I like the view here. And then this ring right here actually rotates, so we're gonna rotate this clockwise to lock it into place. All right, guys, so in with your camera there is this little black box, and this black box has a bunch of little gifts for you, as I'd like to call it. So there's a really long charging cord for our camera here. These are little clips that you can use to route the cord and actually tuck it up and away. So they separate. You guys saw how they came out of the box together, and these do separate, and all you have to do is take the cover off the little white thing here and now it's actually a little sticky place for you. So you can stick this down your dashboard if you want and just route the wire out of the ways so you guys don't have to be looking at it all the time. Now, I'm personally not gonna use these today because this camera isn't going to live in this car, but this is something that you're gonna wanna check out if you guys want just to have a nice clean setup. All right, guys, that's gonna wrap up this review and install. Keep in mind that you can always check this out more online, right here at

    Product Information

    Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


    • Dashboard Automotive Camera
    • Continuous Recording Capability
    • 157-Degree Wide Angle
    • f/2.4 Aperture with Fixed Focus
    • Records in Scenic Mode
    • Night Time Recording Mode
    • Superb Slow-Motion Video @ 120f/s with 720 HD Quality
    • Captures Time-Lapse Video
    • Optical Size: 1/1.80 Inches
    • Industrial-Grade Aluminum Body with 7-Element Lens Assembly
    • Starts and Stops Automatically at Engine Startup and Shutdown
    • Trouble-Free Installation
    • One-Year Warranty Coverage
    • Fits All 1996-2020 Ford Mustang Models


    Record Your Driving Performance. Capture your driving experience and performance with this Waylens HD Dashboard Automotive Camera. This dashboard camera is capable of capturing videos with superb life-like quality thanks to its 1080p capability. Apart from that, this dash cam lets you record and share your Mustang’s performance, such as acceleration, lap time and other crucial data. This allows you to easily evaluate your driving performance, which is useful for street and track racing events.

    Capture and Share Vivid Videos. With this HD dash cam, you can record life-like videos with its 1080p recording capability. And with its cutting-edge, light-sensitive CMOS sensor, you can record video with stunning clarity even at night. As a bonus, this camera comes with a video editing software to let you make some enhancements to your videos before sharing them.

    Superb Craftsmanship. Engineered for long-lasting use, this camera is protected by an industrial-strength aluminum casing. Meanwhile, its lens is made from a 7-element glass. This superb construction makes this camera impervious to the damaging effects of vibration and impact

    Quick and Simple to Install. This dashboard camera comes with all the necessary hardware for quick and simple mounting. Please note that some minor wiring may be needed to ensure proper operation.

    Backed by a 1-Year Warranty. Waylens backs this HD Dashboard Automotive Camera with a warranty to cover defects in material or workmanship for 1 year from the purchase date. Some limitations may apply.

    Application. This Waylens HD Dashboard Automotive Camera has been designed to be used on all 1996-2020 Ford Mustangs.


    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    Installation & What's in the Box

    Installation Info

    What's in the Box

    • (1) Camera
    • (1) Car Mount
    • (1) Car Mount Cable (13 Feet)
    • (1) Remote Control
    • (1) OBD Transmitter
    • (1) Car Charger
    • (1) USB Adapter
    • (1) USB Cable (4 Feet)
    • (12) Cable Holders

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