2002 Ford Mustang Parts & Performance (V6, GT & Specialty)

2002 Ford Mustang ('02)
For 2002, the Mustang held on strong as the Pontiac Firebird and Chevrolet Camaro burnt out of the pony car segment, and the SUV rage swept over the American population. Ford modestly changed up the ‘Stang for 2002 giving it larger 16-inch alloy wheels with exposed lugs, compared to last year’s 15-inch standard wheels. Redesigned trim packages are available in Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. Two new colors were introduced for 2002: Torch Red and Satin Silver Clearcoat Metallic. The audio system received an upgrade from the 2001 Mach 460 to a new speed-sensitive MP3/CD player consisting of an in-dash six disc changer, now called the Mach 1000. Good news for the audiophile since this new audio sound generates 570-watts RMS (1,140-watts peak power) with a 60-watt parametrically equalized amplifier, six 85-watt subwoofer amplifiers, four subwoofer speakers, four midrange tweeters and two 10-inch, trunk-mounted, acoustic suspension subwoofer enclosures. The powertrain carries over from 2001 in both the V6 and GT. For the 2002 models, the 3.8-liter V6 puts down 193-RWHP with a split-port induction and cylinder heads giving more air flow. The 4.6-liter V8 GT puts down 260-hp with larger valves, equal-length intake manifold runners, and high-lift long-duration cams producing more air flow generating more horsepower. The SVT Cobra skipped production in 2002, but plans were made to bring it back with a bang for 2003. However, 100 Cobras were made and shipped to Australia where they were converted to right-hand drive to abide by Australian laws. American Muscle is your source for aftermarket '02 Mustang parts. We have what you are looking for to get that edge over the competition. Check out our sections below. We have a great selection of 4.6 performance parts, accessories, gears, and more. Make sure you check out all the bargains we have available for your GT or V6 Mustang. You can make sure that your 4.6 has a great set of wheels or performance upgrades that will keep you ahead of the rest of the Mustang stampede.

2002 Mustang Parts

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2002 Ford Mustang Specs

Engine HP TQ 0-60 1/4 Mile
3.8L V6 193 225 9.9 sec N/A
4.6L SOHC V-8 260 302 5.5 sec 14.1 sec
Retail Prices
Model Price
Standard Coupe $17,305
Standard Convertible $22,745
GT Coupe $22,965
GT Convertible $27,220
Production Numbers
Model Quantity
Standard Coupe 67,090
Standard Convertible 24,747
GT Coupe 33,093
GT Convertible 17,717
VIN Decoder
Code Engine/Body/Options
4 3.8L OHV V6 193hp
X 4.6L SOHC V8 260hp
Y 4.6L DOHC Supercharged V8 390hp (Cobra)
40 Coupe
42 2dr Coupe GT and Mach 1
44 2dr Convertible
45 2dr Convertible GT
6 Check Digit (varies)
2 Year (2 - 2002)
F Plant (F - Dearborn)/td>
0000001 Consecutive Unit Number
1FA Ford Motor Co.
F Restraint System (F-air bags & active belts)
P Passenger Car
Production Numbers by Color
Model Quantity
Black 21,554
True Blue 11,896
Sonic Blue 2,896
Oxford White 16,162
Electric Green 636
Tropic Green 3,445
Laser Red 12,941
Torch Red 17,764
Zinc Yellow 8,684
Satin Silver 20,681
Mineral Gray 26,898
Mustang Exterior Colors
Color Code
Black UA
True Blue L2
Sonic Blue SN
Oxford White Z1
Electric Green SW
Tropic Green SU
Laser Red E9
Torch Red D3
Zinc Yellow B7
Satin Silver TL
Mineral Gray TK
Mustang Interior Trim Colors
Color Code
Dark Charcoal N/A
Medium Graphite N/A
Medium Parchment N/A
Oxford White N/A
Mustang Convertible Top Colors
Color Code
Black A
Parchment M
White W