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1994-1998 Mustang Parts & Accessories

The SN95 Mustang was the first major redesign for the Mustang in 15 years taking the Ford Mustang in a new direction. The SN95 retained certain attributes from the Fox Body generation such as chassis design, suspension, and the 302 motor in the first two years of production. In 1996 the SN95 introduced the modular 4.6L V8 for the GT trim, offering up 225 HP. The SN95 generation offered one specialty Mustang, which was the Mustang Cobra. While neither the V6 nor V8 packed a large amount of power from the factory, the aftermarket allowed them to access their full potential. AmericanMuscle carries a complete lineup of SN95 Mustang aftermarket parts and accessories for those 1994-1998 Mustang owners looking for modern-day power and performance.