1997 Arctic White Mustang GT - Eddie DuClos '97

1997 Arctic White Mustang GT 01
Owner Location Year, Color, Model
Ed DuClos New Hampshire 1997 Arctic White Mustang GT

Wheel and Tire Packages
Front Rims: 18x9 Chrome Saleen Rims
Front Tires: 265/35-18 Nexxan N3000
Rear Rims: 18x9 Chrome Saleen Rims
Rear Tires: 265/35-18 Nexxan N3000
Aftermarket Performance Mods
Aftermarket Upgrades and Modifications
Car Audio Sound System
  • Two 12" Audiobahn Subs
  • Alpine M1000 Amp
  • Two Alpine Type-R Front Speakers
  • Alpine iDA-X305 Receiver

Car Bio
I've had this car for about a year now, and it is my second Mustang I've owned. My first Mustang was a 95 V6, due to my parents not wanting me to have a V8 when I was sixteen. When I turned 18, I lost my license for 2 years, due to various legal issues, so when it was time for me to get my license back, I wanted to do it in style. And as we all know, nothing says style like driving a Mustang. Where I live though, EVERYONE owns a honda, and EVERYONE hates on Mustangs, so needless to say, I knew I needed to get the kind of a Mustang that would silence the critics. I stumbled upon this 97' Roush-styled Mustang, and completely fell in love. It had drag radials on it when I bought her, and the exhaust was scraping the ground, not to mention the housing for the thermostat that is connected to the manifold was shot, so she was crying anti-freeze at all times. But I saw a lot of potential for this girl and I knew it would take some time, but it wouldn't be long before she would be back on her feet. So a year later, she's had a complete makeover, some new shoes, and some bo-tox, and now we're eating Hondas day and night. There's not a whole lot a person really needs in life, and it just so happens all I need is myself and my white V8 girl Irene. Life is good.

1997 Arctic White Mustang GT 2

1997 Arctic White Mustang GT 3