1998 Black V6 Mustang - Jose Becerra '98

Owner Location Year, Color, Model
Jose Becerra   1998 Black V6 Mustang

Wheel and Tire Packages
Front Rims: 18" Saleen
Front Tires: NITTO NT 555 Extreme ZR 265/35/18
Rear Rims: 18" Saleen
Rear Tires: NITTO NT 555 Extreme ZR 275/35/18
Aftermarket Performance Mods
Aftermarket Upgrades and Modifications
Car Audio Sound System
  • Stock Stereo
  • Bose and Alpine Speakers

Car Bio

I came to own this fantastic car through a wide internet search. I got started on this search as soon as I knew I would have the steady income to buy my own Stang and pay a loan if I had to.  My obsession with Mustangs started back in my senior year of high school when I first noticed the incredible black on black GT Convertible at the Ford dealership. There for other reasons.  I asked the sales man to let me test drive this awesome car.  Knowing that as young as I was and curious how I would pay for this car he agreed to let me take it for a spin on the freeway.  The overwhelming sound of a V-8 engine when I first started it up was amazing and chilling at best.  The sound of the horse power just added to my excitement of driving it on the road.  As soon as I drove off the lot heads were already turning and after I got used to the feeling of driving the GT I knew I had to own one at any cost. 

At the end of my test drive I asked the salesman what the monthly payment plan would be combined with the insurance cost.  He didn’t even sit down with me to look over the paperwork and said to me that my part time job wouldn’t cover the expenses of owning this car combined the added expenses due to my age for the insurance cost.  I walked away from the dealership saddened by the logical facts of his words but more so also encouraged and more motivated to find the finances I needed to buy this spectacular muscle car.  One step leads to another and I joined the service and deployed overseas and thought I would never see this car again.  A year later I returned home on leave and I finally had the income to buy my Stang.  Coming back to my hometown I knew finding this dream car would now be difficult and it was.  This brings me to the beginning of my story.  I did a lot of soul searching for my black drop top that I had dreamed of buying for over a year and eventually never found and ran across something similar (so I thought) and ended up buying a black on black Mustang coupe.  I thought this was just as impressive just without the ragtop piece of my dream.  I came to find out later (because I was not to Mustang or horsepower savvy at the time) that this car was not good enough. I had already made my investment and at the time I couldn’t afford to just sell it and start again because who knew when I would come back home and find a car as good a condition as I found this coupe.  I finally had a Mustang and really didn’t want to part with it.  I was convinced that a coupe could do what a V-8 could do if I had the right upgrades and modifications.  All of this assurance was set by reading procharger articles on how coupes were actually faster than GT’s in most cases with the procharger upgrade.  That’s how I got where I am today, owning a coupe project car.  Plans are underway to buy a GT or Saleen in the near future and own two great American cars.  But for now, my plans are to finish what I started and add the procharger, a custom aluminum drive shaft, vertical doors and a new glossy paint job with the help of sponsorship. I am still looking for the sponsorship :-).