2000 Crystal White Mustang Spring Edition GT - Sam Poteat '00

Owner Location Year, Color, Model
Sam Poteat N/A 2000 Crystal White Mustang GT - Spring Feature Edition

Wheel and Tire Packages
Front Rims: N/A
Front Tires: N/A
Rear Rims: N/A
Rear Tires: N/A
Aftermarket Performance Mods
Aftermarket Upgrades and Modifications
Car Audio Sound System
  • N/A

Car Bio

My "nickname" and my license plate is "2camsam". My Mustang was one of the "Reader's Rides" in the January issue of Mustang Monthly. I was not aware that my car was a Spring Feature-Edition Mustang until i saw the americanmuscle site. I wrote the editor of the Mustang Monthly and told them what it was and they put it in the magazine. I have always been very satisfied with americanmuscle.com and hope to be buying the rest of the parts I need to install my blower soon.