2002 Mineral Green Mustang GT Convertible - SSG Robert J. Pertillo '02

Owner Location Year, Color, Model
SSG Robert J. Pertillo N/A 2002 Mineral Green Mustang GT Convertible

Wheel and Tire Packages
Front Rims: 18x9 Chrome S-Styles
Front Tires: 265/35/18 Nanking II
Rear Rims: 18x9 Chrome S-Styles
Rear Tires: 265/35/18 Nanking II
Aftermarket Performance Mods
Aftermarket Upgrades and Modifications
Car Audio Sound System
  • Alpine Audio System

Car Bio

I purchased this car in Feb. 2006 from a dealership in Lagrange, GA. I always wanted to buy a Mustang, but that day I was just out looking when it caught my eye. It has been fun owning this car; I have actually had several offers to buy it, but I can't see that happening.