2003 Oxford White Mach 1 - Joe Hiller '03

Owner Location Year, Color, Model
Joe Hiller N/A 2003 Oxford White Mach 1

Wheel and Tire Packages
Front Rims: 17x9 Black Deep Dish Bullitt Wheels
Front Tires: 275/40-17 Sumitomo Tires
Rear Rims: 17x10.5 Black Deep Dish Bullitt Wheels
Rear Tires: 315/35-17 Sumitomo Tires
Aftermarket Performance Mods
Aftermarket Upgrades and Modifications
Car Audio Sound System
  • Kenwood Mono Amp and 1 10" Kicker

Car Bio
Back in early September of 2003, I went to the car dealership just to kick around a deal on a GT. I was already restoring my 1971 Mach 1 (sold in 05) at the time and was not really considering buying another Mustang. When I got there, I saw a couple of GTs that looked okay and took one for a test drive. I remember thinking that the ride was "just okay", but it did not "WOW" me. When going back into the dealership, I saw and test drove a black Mach 1 and that really impressed me, making me think that I wanted this car. The ride between the 2 cars was night and day. I told the salesman to work up some numbers and as I walked into the dealership showroom, there sat a white Mach 1. I told him at that point "I want this car"! I walked out on Sept. 11, 2003 with my new car and love it as much today as the day I got it. Every year, I add a couple more mods that suit my tastes and enjoy showing her in car shows as well.